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Must get rid of tummy!

S: 22st4lb
My left man boob is shrinking! Good news you might think, but the right one isn't! Am going to be all lop-sided for my first weigh-in tomorrow!

Nearly the end of the first week and I must be honest, it's felt like a month. I got sick of the soups after about day 4 and have been looking forward to re-ordering now that I know what I do and don't like.

It's been quite a psychological battle too, voices in my head telling me I might as well give up now cos I'll never keep it up! etc. I've also discovered that there's a difference between being genuinely (is that spelled right?) hungry and having a craving.

What other delights await me I wonder?!! If I could only get this flingin' flangin' ticker thing to work I'd be a happy bunny!

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chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
You copy the bbCode into the signature bit and you can use the preview box to see if it is right before you save it.

By the way your title got my attention very quickly :D
Bless, they will definately straighten out!

We call the voices in your head our chatterboxes, they are a real pain at times but keep strong and they do get less and less. I visualise mine when it pipes up and picture myself putting it in a box with a lock on it! May sound nuts (i am a bit!) but it works for me.

Good luck tomorrow and let us know hopw you get on x
S: 22st4lb
So that's what chatterboxes are! Thought i was goin nuts, it's like a weird subconscious bit of my brain that says stuff before i get the chance to stop it! So far I've just answered it back, maybe I'll have to try locking it in a box and swallowing the key, are keys allowed on AAM week?

And thanks to chicken on a mission for helping me with the very technical job of sorting out me ticker!
Nope, definately no keys!!!! You may find the toilet difficult in the second week and keys would not help!!!!!

You are not going nuts, if you are then 99% of the people are on here!!
good luck with your weigh Jamesky, know what you mean about the soups, I have gone off them and may do the shakes only, hpe you level out soon!:)
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
This post has made me laugh!!!!

Uneven boobs, dodgy tickers and voices in our heads. :D
Dont let anyone who's thinking about starting CD read this -they'll think we're all nuts!!!
Its ya wifey ere!

Hi my man,

Its all true about the man-boob thing. I just hope it doesn't happen to me! You are looking gooooood already as the weightloss from your face is impressive...making you look young me ole toyboy!

Well, am convinced I've lost weight off me feet and forehead! My wedding ring is feeling loose so this losing weight milarky could get expensive for ya! lol

Lots of wuv

Helen x
S: 22st4lb
huzzah and hooray!!

13 lbs lost in the first week, which is not a bad effort, if only it were that much every week! Got some new flavours of things to try too. The Fruits of the Forest shake I had this evening was magic, will be ordering that again!

Onwards and downwards (with my weight that is)!
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
That is fantastic well done!!!! Cant share your enhtusiasm about fruits of the forest though - bleugh!!!!! ;)

Keep at it!!
S: 22st4lb
I do believe my right man boob is deflating so as to come in line with it's partner!

I also found that a top that was tight last week is now loose on me, which is nice, especially as it's my footy shirt and I can now wear it in the stands when I go to watch the match on Tuesday night.

It's hard to imagine being "normal". In another of my introspective moments this morning I thought to myself, "what if instead of being unhappy and fat, I'll be unhappy and thin"? Makes one think a lot being on a diet. If I'd felt a bit grotty B4SS (before Sole Source) I'd've had a lolly, or a Kit-Kat or something. Spose it means you confront all of those demons and awkward little things that spark off a craving :mad:.

I've plenty more thoughts, mostly rambling if I'm honest, but I shall save them for another time. Good to get these things out! Thanks for readin!
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Lol! Like ur comment about ur man boobs..made me smile when I read it!

I definiely agree about thinking a lot while being on this diet... a lot!!

Just had a quick look on ur MySpace... My birthdays in March too (9th).. and love ur music tastes... Belle and Sebastian mmmm...bliss

Well done on ur loss so far!
Yep, you're definitely right about thinking a lot during SS. Perhaps it's because we have that extra time when we would have been eating:confused:

My head certainly went into overdrive during it.

Well done for your 13lbs loss. That's brilliant! Makes it all worthwhile doesn't it :)
S: 22st4lb
Well, my latest weigh-in was on Thursday, that's another 8 pounds off!!! Long may it continue!

Our CDC asked if we were happy still and we both said that we were, although I can't have looked it cos I'd just come back from the the dentist and the bottom left hand side of my jaw was numb from bein jabbed to stick a filling in, niiiiiiiiice!

If only I could lose 8 pounds every week! Am going to up my water intake to at least 4 litres a day as I've read a couple of times that that's the secret weapon in this diet.

Only time will tell!!

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