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My 100% Maintenance Diary!! Comments Welcome :)


Alomst there :)
I tried to keep a food diary in the food diary section, but it just didn't seem to work! I do keep a diary on paper though.

But, I thought it was about time I really looked at maintenance... seeing as I am only half a pound from target (well I was Thursday morning, then had a dodgy tummy as soon as I got home from WI and suspect if that had happened before hand I would have hit target - never mind though! I'll have it next week!) I think I really need to write down my feelings about myself, and my food. Just to keep me in check, and so I can see any bad habits that might start forming etc.

I have every intention of going to group every week. I think I need to see those numbers to keep me on track. I don't want to go back to being over weight again!! EVER!

So far this week, I'm trying to be a little more relaxed with the plan, thinking about how I should start to live with maintaining, but at the same time not wanting to maintain too much because I still want that last half a pound off!! I going to try to use all my syns this week, every single last one, but not going over. In theory I should still lose weight, so get that half a pound off, but give me some idea of what I should do in the weeks to follow hitting target. As SW recommends upping HEX's not syns, I will see what the scales say on Thursday and then start to add in a B choice and take it from there.

I guess though too that there are going times when I fancy something that is highly synned, I know I can't use target as an excuse to go mad, but at the same time I can relax a bit.... Blimey it' hard work already!!

I'm not sure what today is going to bring yet.... Off up to London to the O2 to see Jeff Dunham. Got to leave at about 3pm. No idea what's going to happen about dinner! Eeeek!

Well enough waffling for now!
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Brilliant weight loss, well done! You're in the right place to have a ramble, it's all I seem to do. Good luck for next week and the last 1/2lb x


Alomst there :)
Well last night wasn't too bad really. I had resided myself to a McDonalds or KFC because that's what everyone else wanted (and I didn't fancy a salad!) so I was expecting a fairly high synned meal. Luckily we couldn't find one though and ended up having to get sandwiches, from a sandwich station and they had a low fat tuna mayo, so I went with the good choice :) But I did end up having a drink, and using 20 syns on alcohol!! All in all though, I made the night for 35 syns.... not bad really. Leaves me with 11 syns a day for the rest of the week.... I can cope with that :)


Alomst there :)
Hmmm.... well.... Yesterday was fine for the most part. Had a plan in place for the day, didn't entirely stick to it. Had a few more syns than I intended, but still have 20 left for today and tomorrow. I can live with that, I think. I hope!!

Beginning to lose confidence at getting this last half a pound off. I know in theory I should be able to have all of my syns and still lose weight, but I am getting close to target so my losses could be slower. Although not something I have experienced so far. I guess I'm just getting the pre-WI nerves early!! Although, I think whatever happens I will call target. Only because it's my birthday this weekend and I have a few things planned!

Speaking of this weekend.... I have no idea what to do... I was going to increase my HEX's if I had a loss this week after using all my syns BUT I think I'm going to have a highly synned weekend so adding HEX's and having alot of syns will likely lead me to gain. So I'm thinking that I might just have the freedom to eat what I want (going to an Italian restaurant). I'm not a wine drinker, so will be happy to stay of the alcohol and maybe just have a couple of JD's after.... and there is no way I will be able to resist that Tiramasu :) It is to die for!!!

The rest of the weekend should be fine, a shopping trip planned ;) until the Monday. Going to a picnic, which does inevitabley involve alcohol... I'm not a drink spirits in the middle of the day kind of girl so I really think I may invest in a couple of bottles/cans of Magners light... and seeing as I'll be on food duty I can keep that as syns free/ low syn as poss... ok... maybe it's not looking that bad now I've written it all down :D

Just wish I wasn't so bloomin' nervous!!! :(


Alomst there :)
Bah.... couldn't resist a bowl of coco pops.... now only have two syns left for the day if I want 10 for tomorrow.... because that's not going to send me off the rails.... Normally it wouldn't matter, I probably wouldn't want them if I could have them....... Dammit....


Alomst there :)
I did it!! 2lb off taking me to 1.5lb below target, I was starting to get worried that I would STS, especially after having Maccy D's yesterday oops!! Oh well Dh's fault... he suggested it and I just couldn't say no.... Well never mind!!

Eeeeek! The scary journey of maintenance really starts here!!!


Alomst there :)
Ugh.... I need tog et my head back in the game. i haven't written anything down for the last couple of days and I know I can't keep track if I don't. I didn't measure any cheese or milk yesterday and I know I was a little generous! Then I made quiche for tea. Not SW quiche, actual real quiche with pastry... and had it with white bread.

Thinking I really need to have a quick tot up of the last couple of days, just to see what the damage is. Maybe things might not be as bad as I thought....

Well I might as well do it here...

Thursday: EE day.

B: Banana, apple

L: BNS Chips, roughly an ounce of low fat cheddar (4), 28g (I did measure that!) Coco pops (5.5), 75ml(ish) whole milk (4?), 2 x jumbo snack a jacks (5)

D: Quiche (22 - cheese and pastry), bread 7, EL flora (1)

OMG 41.5!!!!! I guess I can deduct 6 for cheese? I didn't have any other HE's... OMG what a rubbish day!! Although, had that been pre-SW it would have been much, much worse!!!

Friday: EE

B: Banana, jumbo snacka jack (2.5)
S: Special K bar (4), animal biscuit things (5? about 100 cals)

11.5 so far.... and going out for an italian tonight....

Hmm.... I reckon I'll be having a totally free lunch and saving my A choice for tonight.... I reckon about 20 for main course, and 20 for dessert.... and about 15 for alcohol afterwards... which would make over 60 for the day! and pushing 100 for the week!!

Oh well.... I'll have to make sure I'm good for the rest of the week I suppose!!


Alomst there :)
Well.... This week has just been terrible!! I've hardly stuck to plan at all and not written anything down, not measured anything!! OMG.... I know I'm going to be facing a gain this week.... Not good. Have I learnt my lesson?? Don't think so, sat here munching chocolate chip cookies. Had I started the week off as normal, and there been no bank holiday weekend or birthday to get in the way I think I would have been ok. I thought the pre-WI nerves might stop by the time I got to target. Now I feel even worse!! *sigh* only time will tell.


Alomst there :)
I only bloody went and Maintained!!!! I'm so over the moon with that after expecting to have a gain! :) I do need to buck my ideas up though and really think about sticking to the plan as I can't carry on like last week. It was nice to have the freedom, but having the constant doubt hanging over my head wasn't nice :( I do need to at least roughly plan my food, think realistically about my syns and measure evreything and keep a track!! proepr maintenance starts here.... Watch this space....


Alomst there :)
OK, so this week has just been terrible for me. I've fallen so far off the wagon and I really need to do something about it. I've been good most of the time, but bad habits have been creeping in a little so I need to buck my ideas up. Have joined the 100% for 30 days challenge to keep me on track. I can do 30 days. Easy - or not, but hopefully by the end of the challenge it will be easier, and second nature!

So, I think it' time to list my days plans when I can, so I have a hope of sticking to them, and seeing how they vary.

soooo today....

EE day:
B:28g Muesli (5), 2Tbsp LF Yog (1 -at a guess, my scales wouldn't register the weight!) + banana
L: Left over Chilli from last night, with added BB's and lentil with rice (lots of SF in it already)
D: Kedgeree, not sure how I'm going to add in the SF to that... a leek maybe? Veg delivery day tomorrow so nothing left in the house!!

Snacks: who knows!! Need to fit in and A and B choice somewhere. My muesli is the wrong brand to be a HEX... Bah... but needs to be eaten so have to syn it! :/

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