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my 1100 calorie diet plan

hi all, ive been struggling with my weight for over a year, i was once a nice curvy size 8, weighing in at 7st/7st3, and i was happy, at just over 5ft it was a healthy weight for me. then, i dont know why, the weight kept piling on....7st7, 7st9...then i died when i got on the scales at 8st2...now im 8st9 and stuggling to lose any. ive been on every diet there is, but cant shift it, i binge and put more on, it seems as soon as i turned 26 (27 currently) i really struggled with my weight.
now it may not seem alot to u, (as one reply post on here said to me) but for me, i am really over weight and not toned at all, think Jennifer love Hewitt in that bikini last November, and that's me, all on my bum, thighs and hips.
i was going to start sf but as a wise women said to me, at my weight id struggle to lose any on that. so i scoured the forum to find what was right for me, then discovered the BMR method of weight loss and this is probably why i did not shift an lbs as most of the diets i tryed were more than i need to lose the weight. so i am now on the 1100 calorie diet and exercise programme. i am starting this tomorrow, so hopefully will be writing every day of my progress. if any one is on same/similar, any tips would be appreciative :D
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oh, my measurements goals, whenever they may come -
s weight 8st 9 - gw 7st 3
inches start - goal
bust 33 - 32
waist 27.5 - 24
lower waist 35 - 27
hips 36.5 - 32
l leg 22 - 19
r leg 22 - 19
l arm 10.5 - 8
r arm 10 - 8

wish me luck xx
Hello :)
You sound so similar to me! I also have tried pretty much every diet but ended up binging and putting even more on :cry:and we have similar bmi's and goal bmi's. i'm also starting properly tommorow- hopefully around 1000 calories a day but i'm allowing myself one day a week to eat higher and whatever i want.
anyway, good luck, i will be reading your diary :) feel free to check mine out


Likes to eat
Hello! I'm a fellow shortie and it's so annoying that we have to weigh less than everybody else GRRRR. Although - both of your weights are already in the healthy range, so maybe try to really focus on toning up and some weight training so you look leaner and less "wobbly" - you really do see results FAST!
I'm also in a very similar boat!

I'm just over 5ft and currently around 8st 2. The lightest I've ever been as an adult is 7st 9 and I would loooovvveee to get down to 7st! The heaviest I've ever been was when I was at school, and I think I was around 9st 7lb, although it may not have been that much.

Haven't been posting much here lately as I've been having trouble keeping on track and not bingeing, but after a particularly bad weekend this week I've re-started. Ate just under 1200 cals y/day and happy with that. My target is 1st September, but as I've never weighed less than 7st 9 before I have no idea how my body will react to going under that.

I'm hoping to get into more exercise too, but work is very busy at the moment, so I may just have to concentrate on maintaining a good diet. I go on holiday in 3 weeks and have accepted the fact I'm not going to look how i'd like to - although I should be much less bloated and have a flatter tummy if I eat well for the next few weeks. The rest can be covered up with a pair of board shorts and some floaty dresses!

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

thanks guys. it seems alot of us are in the same boat, with yoyo dieting and not being able to shift it. i used to beable to drop weight easy, its getting harder now im wrong side of 25, i just need to find the will power to stick to it, cos its just gonna get harder as the years go on. have decided to stick to 1200 calories as they say its dangerous to go lower, and i dont wanna be too hungery n fall off the wagon.

did well today, had wholemeal toast n diet yogurt for breaky, cereal bar n slimfast snack for lunch(naughty i know, but ive had a busy day) and chicken dinner for tea, even with mash pots and im still under, total for today - 1166...

noticed i was cranky aout 2ish n headache started, prob cos i only had snacks for dinner, will do better tomorrow.

thanks guys and keep up the good work too xxxxx

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