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My 18th & Tutus!


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Does anyone know how to make tutus? i want one for my birthday lol.
For my 18th, im planning a night out:cool:, is there anything i can drink that wont knock me out of ketosis or shall i just stick to water? :eek:
Sooo i want to wear a nice top, tutu,and leggins lol :eek:
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OMG how good are you not drinking on tou're 18th!!!!!!
Tutu's are easy to make just large piece of netting and elastic. Sew a hem at top of netting and thread elastic through oh and sew up the side! the bigger the piece of netting the more gather You'll look super x


has started again!!
Sorry, didnt want to read and run! No idea how to make them, Dh does all sewing/mending in our house!

Fancy dress shop maybe? Ballet shop? sorry, not much good am I?
The instructions are spot on but if you sew a band of wide ribbon onto the top, folded over the top edge, it'll stop the net being all scratchy, have funxx


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can i not drink? lol


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nope.. not alcohol.. it can be dangerous.. theres a sticky on it in the cd section..
tutus are a bit cool like.. lol

x x
You can't drink alcohol while in ketosis I'm afraid. You could always knock yourself out of it the day before (have a jacket potato or something).
As for the tutu I think you should take a look on ebay. It will probably cost you more to make one than it will to buy one.


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ok no drink for me lol.

My friends making them for us. dead excited now lol
Depending on the stiffness of the netting you may need to get some spray on starch to stiffen 'em up a bit. You'll find it in Tesco's etc.

:DI can't believe you're not yet 18!:D I am old enough to be your mother, yet have a baby not much older than yours!:eek::D:eek:

If only I had your energy!

Whatever you do though, have a FANTASTIC time!


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thanks girls! im off to leicester town to have alook at netting with partner and bessie mate on sat. Shes making everyones lol. I cant wait, going for pink n black. dead excited, my mates i used to go to school with are coming, havent seen them since school! woooahh!


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lol i wil do, hope i dont look stupid! i cant belive im off out and im not drinking, on my birthday, when everyone else is gettin drunk! =[=[
lol i wil do, hope i dont look stupid! i cant belive im off out and im not drinking, on my birthday, when everyone else is gettin drunk! =[=[
Kimmie, it shows your determined to get this weight of and let nuthing get in your way hun which is fab, your doing brill.Im sure you will look fab :) Think about it you can have another 18th once you get to goal :)

becky xx


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god i hope my friends come lol. i need some nice high heals [not too high] that i can walk in, and some fishnet tights and normal coloured tights for under the fish nets lol to make my legs look nice lol any ideas?


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wwhat ever you do avoid the booze . i went for a night out last october ... i was ss . got wrecked and went to ground for 2 days i was so ill, that ill i havent drunk since .... alcohol that is .


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lol im not drinking =] is there anything i can have apart from water? like diet coke ect? that wont knock me out of ketosis, cheap night out for me lol
you could have one or two max coke zero's :)

Enjoy your night out, and you can celebrate the big day in style when you reach your goal :)


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i just hope the tutus turn out okay lol. Thanks, may just stick to water lol. Does anyone know where i can get them things from then? x

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