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My 1st meal in 3 weeks


Alway see the love x
As you might know Ive been doing C/D ss for 3 weeks and ive added a meal today. Im adding a meal Akins style building up to letting go of C/D and be a full time Atkins girlie:)

Today Ive had......
Lettice leaves

OMG!!!!!! Im stuffed!!!!

So, how did I do for my 1st meal?

I will be doing C/D/Atkins mix for 1 week and see how I feel......

Much Love
Woof X
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OK, be interesting to see how you do woof, good luck love.
HI Woof well it sounds like your heading in the right direction!!!! With atkins though, and something that iv struggled to get my head round is, u eat fats!!!!


Alway see the love x
Evening Jules and all.
Ive put the boyfriend on Atkins!!!!

He missed breakfast (tut tut)
Lunch- Scrambled eggs and gammon. Decaf tea with cream
Dinner- Sausages(5) gammon, leeks, beansprouts, cream and cheese
Drinks- water

He has love in his tummy!!

So strange cooking with BUTTER and FULL FAT CREAM, but look scrummy...

Did I feed him ok? So tried to have my Atkins hat on today :eek:)

Woof X
Evening woof!!! U have to remember that sausages have carbs in the tho, check the packaging. Iv cooked chicken in garlic butter today and it felt soooooooo naughty



Alway see the love x
Naughty is good ;o)
Brought Toulous sausages from Sainsburys, my word, Jules they looked yummy..... He woofed the lot...

So do you think I did ok? Hes happy and so he bloody well should be, he has it made. I do all the research, go shopping for it, cook it. I do everything but eat it for him. lol

Garlic chicken sounds loooooovely MMmmmmm I cant wait.

Woof X
Good morning, woof that sounds great, The Toulouse sausage used to be 0 carbs, i.e. 100% meat is that still the same? Yummy Yummy Yummy he's got love in his tummy. :D


Alway see the love x
Thanks, Jools.
Other half is so enjoying the food he even picked up the book to read. He`s full, happy and eating less. Happy days. Got him to pee on the stick thingy today, and its looking a good dark colour...
Today hes had....
B. sausages, bacon and eggs
L. Lamb, pork, colli and brussels with mayo
T. (will be) Chicken and leeks cooked in butter and herbs.

Woof X

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