my 1st week food plan, have I got it right?


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I decided that I really need to lose some weight again, about 2.5 stone if I can. I lost 1.5 stone early last year but got fed up and put it all back on again. I’ve been trying to just cut out all the junk and I’ve been going to the gym for the past 3 months, but have not lost a lb. So it’s back to SW, starting Monday! I borrowed all my books to my SIL and haven’t got them back yet, so I’m trying to work from memory.
This is my 1st weeks food plan, does it look ok?
B poached egg on toast HEB
L baxters HC soup, fruit and yogurt
D spag bol (SW recipe)
HEA - milk in tea
Syns 2 flora light on toast - dont know about soup until I get my book back
B Fruit and muller yogurt
L chicken sarnie HEB
D hunters chicken (recipe on here) with pots and veg
HEA - milk in tea
B scrambled egg and toast HEB
L pasta with homemade tomato and veg sauce
D cheesy meatballs with SW chips and peas
HEA milk in teas
Syns 2 flora light
B fruit and yogurt
L baxters HC soup and bread HEB
D bacon, M sausage, ‘fried’ pots, egg and beans
HEA milk in tea
Syns soup?
B fruit and yogurt
L chicken sarnie HEB
D homemade burger, SW chips and beans
HEA milkin tea
B M sausage, bacon, egg and beans
L bread ‘pizza’ HEB HEA
D chilli and Jacket pot
B beans on toast HEB
L pasta and homemade sauce
D chicken dinner
HEA milk in tea
syns 4 flora light and bit gravy
anything I need to change? I've not shown a's and b's, its mainly milk in tea unless i'm having something with cheese in and bread most days.
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Is every day EE? You only get 1 Hea and 1 Heb on EE.

Also 1/3 of your plate/meal should consist of veg or fruit. also, you haven't shown any syns.
TBH it's difficult to tell without you saying which plan you're following and where your syns, healthy extras etc are.

Very well done for planning though, just a bit more detail would be good if you want us to look at it for you.
Good luck with it.


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S: 12st7.5lb C: 10st12.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27 Loss: 1st9lb(13.11%)
I've put in where I think the A's and B's are. I've added what syns I can, but this is hard as I'm trying to have no syn meals and then decide on the day what I want to use my syns on (probably wine!). Every day is EE.
Thanks again


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Hi! I would say that you're not eating nearly enough fruit and vegetables to meet the 1/3 superfree requirement. It really does make a difference so try and make an effort on this. You'll def need to syn the soup but I don't have access to syns online at the moment so can't tell you how many - it could be high so I would avoid having any more until you know for sure.


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Mel, I'm the same as you I've managed to plan my lunches and dinners for next week but I cant plan my syns too much as I dont know what I'll fancy on a particular day ;)


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S: 12st7.5lb C: 10st12.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27 Loss: 1st9lb(13.11%)
thanks for your replies. I'm trying to get fruit and veg in there but i'm one of these awful fussy eaters! Fruit wise I only like apples, pears, banas and grapes. Veg wise its just carrots, brocoli, cauli and peas. I shove lots of onions and peppers into my chilli/bolognaise aswell. So it tends to get a bit boring!


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Slimming world are not saying you MUST have 1/3 superfree at EVERY meal, but that you have it where you can, as it will boost your weightloss and make sure you are getting your healthy 5 a day. If you look at the weekly meal planner online, not every meal has superfree foods (most have, but not all).

Just try to add veggies into tomato based sauces and similar, side salads with other meals where you can. Even if you just grab an apple or another piece of fruit after your meal, then I am sure you will do fine.