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My 1st weigh-in


Motivated by you lot!
Hi all,

Had my first weigh-in today and I've managed to lose 8 lbs, which I am more than pleased with.

The best thing for me so far is that I am finding this diet very easy. I like the shakes but not the flapjacks and I haven't tried the soup yet - I have a feeling I am not missing out on those!

Looking forward to my second week, before refeeding prior to my trip.

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Life is not a Rehersal!
Well, well done you Pete! That's a good weight loss. Keep up the good work. Good to know you are actually finding it not too bad. I think that is half the battle.

I find the soup ok to be honest, but I do blitz it in a blender and it is smooth, with no yukky bits in it. Some people dont like it, but I just like the savouryness (if there is such a word)!! Just makes a change from shakes.

Here's to next week! Have a good one.

Take care


Motivated by you lot!
Thanks both,

I may still try the soup yet then, if it's not so bad. I do have a pretty tolerant palate.

The reason I didn't like the flapjack was because I now know that it was gone off or something - it had the worst taste I have ever tried. I ate my second flapjack today and it was completely different, still only barely edible though, but at least I could taste 'some' peanut flavouring this time.
Well done Pete on getting through your first week,and congrats on your first weeks weight loss,it's a great feeling isn't it!!

When i first started LT, i used to love the chicken soup, up until around week 8 and then i had a thing for the peanut flapjacks( i didn't try them for a good while and was just happy to chew something initially!),went off those and then had weeks on the coconut ones. They all have an acquired taste i reckon and we are all different reagrds to taste. Give the soup a go, you have nothing too loose(excuse the pun :D)

Keep going and good luck for week 2


Motivated by you lot!
Thanks again all.

Yes! It is a great feeling seeing the weight go down. I must admit, I tend to weigh every day at home, even every few hours sometimes. A little obsessive perhaps, but at least it's going the right way.

I have to say, my fave shake is turning out to be vanilla after the initial disappointment (vanilla is my favourite flavour and it just wasn't right), but after I bought a blender, I have to have crushed ice and a teaspoon of coffee - it now almost has a butterscotch taste to it. Strawberry is nice too, but just with the ice.

Yes, we do all have different tastes, and I also agree that some take a little getting used to. However I will give them all a fair go, even the flapjacks - may try that coconut flavour next.

Thanks for all your support and advice.


Staff member
Hi Pete,

Well done on your weight loss:happy096:

If you feel you must weigh between visits to the chemist, the best time to weigh is first thing in the morning after you have been to the loo and naked:)

You will get the most consistent reading this way.

Other than that you will drive yourself crazy weighing throughout the day as your weight will fluctuate with the amount of water you have in your body and in this hot weather we tend to retain more.

One litre of water weighs 1 kilogram or 2.20lbs

Love Mini xxx
Well done on the loss pete keep it up

I also find it pretty easy lol dont know why tho haha


Motivated by you lot!
Thanks for the tips Mini.

I have noticed that fluctuation, but as long as overall day-by-day it's going in the right direction it won't bother me.


Motivated by you lot!
Ha you posted while I was writing my last response, but thanks Adam.

Maybe it's a guy thing? I have read that men lose weight faster than women as well, at least initially? That's not necessarily my case though, but I'm happy enough so far.
No problems buddy

Maybe it is i dunno the higher losses might help the motivation thus making it easier???

Either way am not complaining lol


Positivity is the key
Hi Pete,
congrats on your first weigh in, you did very well. Try all the varieties and try peppermint tea with the vanilla or chocolate, hot or cold, for a change as some on here find it delicious. Best of luck for week 2.


Motivated by you lot!
Pepermint tea - that sounds delicious, do you mean at the same time as the shake or mixed with it? Thanks for the idea, I will look into this as well.

Oh, one more question if I may (to anyone really) - I understand if I drink tea it must be of the leaf variety (I thought they all were lol) and not fruit? How do I tell the difference if it's not an obvious fruit?

For example, I have no idea what camomile is even though it is one of the varieties I used to drink from those Twinnings variety packs, and I'm sure some of them were fruit as well.

Sorry for such a newbie question, but if I don't ask I will never learn.


Silver Member
Camomile is a flower I'm afraid, so not suitable on LT. Great first weight loss, and best of luck with your second week.
Well done Pete a very good weight loss and congrats for getting throught he first week. I like all the shakes and I have the soup for my tea everynight, couldn't palate the flapjacks though yeuk.....
I love pepermint tea and yes I do sometimes make up the chocolate or vanilla shake with a cold peppermint tea instead of water, just gives it a nice refreshing minty taste.
Good luck on your LT journey x


Motivated by you lot!
I could say this in all my posts, but all your weight loss stats in your signatures are more and more inspiring, especially with each new person I read about.

Thank you for congratulating me on my first week, though I have a long way to go to match all your efforts. It's good to have goals though, and the encouragement to achieve them.

Camomile is a flower? So is that somewhere between a leaf tea and a fruit tea? Come on peeps, I'm a bloke - I need 'yes' or 'no' answers, not more confusion! :p

Just kidding, I will avoid that anyway. Peppermint will be my tea of choice.
Hi Pete, you can have Green tea, Peppermint tea, Black Earl Gray tea, Nettle tea and Redbush tea.... can't think of anymore but not camomile sorry xx

Hope this helps!!!

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