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My 200 mile in August challenge!!


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As someone who has reached target, and flirted in and out of target range, I have decided to get back to some normality and take control by getting a few miles walking on the clock.

Working around the 8-4 job (sounds less mundane than 9-5 lol) is the tricky bit with 5am starts then adding a midday lunchtime stroll and an evening walk - all assuming it is possible and nothing else crops up.

Feel free to join me - not in 200 miles, but set your own mini-target;)
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Well done boy child. An excellent plan but I think I will let you do mumsies few miles.
Go for it.............a real chip off the old block !!!!

mumsie xxxx
Well good start!

5 miles before work,
1.5 miles at lunch break
5 miles after work

11.5 miles.

As Coljack said average of 6.5 miles per day, but some days might draw blanks, I was going to risk 300 but that is madness;)

(I WILL get back below 11st)
Well done, very impressive :)

I will join you, not in the 200 miles LOL but in the early morning walks - I'm up at 5am so I can probably do a 20-25 min walk before I have to get ready (leave for work at 7am).

One thing, how do you track how far you've walked?
Well done son.
Do you track what you walk at work as well?

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Hi,no I only track or count the 1.5 miles I walk at lunch (only get 36 minutes). I do not track the wandering about the office as that is not pleasure/leisure;)

The rout is one I've measured with iphone app and GPS so it is exactly 1.5 mile.

Similarly the one beginning and ending at my house is exactly 4.5 mile, but I have a measured addition (walk around the village) which makes it exactly 5 mile. No longer need these GPS/Iphone apps - I even know the mile-markers now lol.

I reverse the five miler on anevening, just to break it up and change the scenery - similarly at work, I often reverse that one too.

Because of the terrain, it would be impossible to accurately measre the stride length

Already 5 mile in this morning (5.05 I left the house!!)

Well done, very impressive :)

I will join you, not in the 200 miles LOL but in the early morning walks - I'm up at 5am so I can probably do a 20-25 min walk before I have to get ready (leave for work at 7am).

One thing, how do you track how far you've walked?
I do over 1.5 hours (average 3mph-ish) I am a little obsessive though.

Sprint GPS was the iphone app I used to measure the distances.
sorry don't know how to quote more than one message :eek:

Col Jack - thanks, I went on that walkjogrun site - (took me a while to work out how to log the route LOL) and have worked out it's about 1.5 miles - a drop in the ocean compared to Maximus! But probably all I can do before work really, no matter what time I get up I am never organised enough and every day nearly miss my bus :D:eek::rolleyes:

Maximus - that's incredible doing that much walking a day! Fantastic :) I'll try and get some longer distances at the weekend I think when I have more time.

The pair of you have done amazingly well with your weight losses, we had a bloke start at group on Monday - I hope he's as successful as you two :)

(I'm afraid I don't have an iPhone and actually don't really understand what 'apps' are - nearly everyone I know has one but it all seems rather complicated, I just want a phone that phones and texts really :D. That said, when I'm due an upgrade I'll have to consider it I guess so I don't feel left out and I know what everyone is on about! :))
You could always walk the bus route and get on a few stops later and get off a few stops earlier on the way home.

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Sorry for being so rubbish !

Not updating etc. all ok despite some terrible weather.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday all saw the familiar pattern of 5 mile in the mornings, 1.5 mile lunch and 5 mile in the evenings.

Adding a total of 33 mile (possibly a little more as Friday afternoon was 1.65;))

Today, Saturday was a lie-in at last. All the other mornings have been very early starts! I managed 5.3 and the heavens opened. Tomorrow I am going to the Lake District with my rambling group (8am we set off). So still debating whether or not to go out again today/this evening and risk blisters, injury or getting soaked!

At present, 6 days into August, it stands at 62 miles. (4x11.5 + 1x11 and 1x5). I've taken the liberty of showing the route and all associated stats on the link below (for anyone remotely interested).

Taken early evening 5th August

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7th August was ramble day and approx 8.5 miles in the Lake District in the changeable weather. Not as bad as I feared but not the glorious August sunshine I'd hoped for in out premier National park either.

Just to update

8th August - just back from a 5 miler this evening (nice and sedate because of a couple of blisters from the last few walks). This in addition to the normal 1.5 at work today.

Making a total of 77 miles to date.

A schoolboy error saw me setting the alarm for 5.45am today instead of 4.45am meaning I had no time for the 5 mile in the morning:eek:

Glad I'm able to post again after being unable to for several days!


The normal 11.5 miles added today.

5 mile at approx 5.10am - 1.5 mile at lunchtime and just over the 5 mile this evening after work - reversing the route I took this morning.

Not sure how or what I will do when the dark nights draw in:(

Any suggestions?

Probably swimming in a nice warm indoor pool seems like a plan.

9 days = 88.5 miles
10 miles - and 98.5 logged to date! - I missed the 1.5 at lunchtime so missed the magic 100:(

If I'd remembered I would have made room - I shopped at Asda as had a half-day - probably walked more than 1.5 mile in store, but not counting that lol.

Feels like last chance workout here. Quick bath then WI at 7!

Confident? - about as confident as King herod getting his baby-sitting licence renewed:cry:


7lb loss on the scales tonight and a lie-in to come in the morning. Tomorrows 5 miler will be very enjoyable at 6.45am rather than 4.45
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Just 5 miles added this morning in miserable rain! - yes, I got drenched - then had to get changed and go to work.

Decided against the work walk (heavy drizzle ALL day) and even skipped the evening walk. I'm ahead of schedule, but just have to be aware of not losing all good intentions.

11 days = 103.5 miles (over half way :))

Oh and my GPS machine (to record walks, distance etc.) arrived today. Might become a proper walker now lol.

Just 8.5 miles today - muggings here needs to learn to tell the time - or at least set the alarm when awake and not falling asleep as got up at 5.45 this morning instead of 4.45 - meaning insufficient time to do the 5 miles before work:eek:

The new GPS showed exactly 5.2 miles tonight after work:cool:

Might have to get hardcore over the weekend (between all the lovely footy).

Running total after 12 days = 109 miles.

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