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My 30 day challenge diary!

Hello, I'm hatwell, and I'm a chronic Slimming Worlder. Since July last year I've gone from 13st 7.5lbs to 11st 3lbs. I'm currently at 11st 6. Since about May I've been struggling a bit with Slimming World, mostly because I've done well and now have a normal BMI and can wear size 12s. This means a part of me thinks "I don't really need to lose more weight, I can just eat whatever."

My initial target weight was 10st, however I think that might be unrealistic. It would put me at a BMI of 20.5, which is quite low. I don't actually want to be *thin*, just a bit slimmer than I am now and more toned.


I have set myself a challenge. Earlier this year I did Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and absolutely loved it. Well, if you're done it yourself you know that "loved" might be the wrong word, but I found it a great way to fit in regular exercise, and I saw great results.

I am going to do it again, and for that 30 days, I am going to Food Optimize 100%, something I haven't done for ages. I know I can do it, I've done it before in the past, and I think doing the shred at the same time will help me focus.

After the 30 days are up, I will see what my weight is, and if I'm happy, I will become a target member, and focus more on changing my body through exercise.

I am currently on day 4 of my challenge and have been fine so far. Returning to the shred has been absolutely killer though. I am in reasonable shape, I walk a lot and ran/walked a half marathon in 3:02 at the end of September, but I forgot how brutal Jillian is! My office is on the third floor of our building and climbing the stairs has been quite a challenge after all the lunges.

I am veggie and follow the green plan, meals so far have been chilli, sweet + sour quorn with egg fried rice, stuffed squash with goats cheese. I've been starting every day with a fried egg sandwich (HEb +1 syn for 1/2 a tsp of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light and a squeeze of ketchup) so that I don't snack on work.

I'm going to try to update every day with my progress, both with eating and with the shred. I don't have any big social occasions coming up, but I do plan to move house this month which might be a challenge! Please feel free to give me eating tips, tips for staying on plan 100% and especially share your experiences with the shred! I love chatting with fellow shredders. Abs like this don't come for free!

Day 4. Food so far

fried egg sandwich (HEb +1 syn for 1/2 a tsp of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light and a squeeze of ketchup)

Tesco mediterranean veg cous cous with leftover squash stuffing (lentils, tomatoes, red onions, squash, garlic) - FREE


2 apples - FREE
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Hiya Hatwell

I too have recently returned to Jillian's mercy after a summer hiatus... I have just completed Day 4 this evening and have to admit it's getting easier every day - I didn't even break out in a sweat today, I think that's progress!!!

Good luck with your 30 day challenge, I'm here for Jillian but probably not 30 days of food optomising, because I have a few things on in the next few weeks ;)
Pasta N Sauce (1) with light spread (0.5), milk (Hex A), 2 quorn sausages and one quorn burger (3), half a tortilla wrap with mozzerella (4.5, Hex A) and ketchup (1)
Pudding was a Hifi bar (Hex B) and toffee sweet (2.5)

Total syns for the day 13.5

Shred wasn't too bad, a far cry from the horrifying experience of day one, I really hope I see good results like last time, I've got a trip to Centre Parcs in a few weeks and want to prance about in my bikini in the tropical swimming dome!


Slim for Summer

I am a veggie too :)

I want to do the 30 day shread but havent got a clue what it is. Any help x
It's a fitness DVD by Jillian Michaels - you can pick it up from Amazon or Play for a fiver, really show results if you stick with it :)


Slim for Summer
Ahhhhh will be buying that then xx Thankyou and Good Luck xxx
It is indeed, and it's a very effective one. The way it works is that it's 25 minutes long and you do it every day for thirty days. Jillian claims that if you do it for that time and follow a healthy eating plan that you will lose 20lbs. I don't know about that but when I did it first time round I think I lost about 10 in the time period and definitely lost a few inches.

The other great thing about it is its just a video and you don't really need any equipment apart from hand weights (and you can use other heavy things such as wine bottles or tins). I bought my weights from Argos and they cost about £12 I think. You can do it anywhere, all you need is a TV or laptop and comfortable clothes. A floor mat is good but not essential.

The best thing about it is how short it is - even during the tougher bits you can just think to yourself, "It's nearly finished!" and you don't do any individual move for more than a minute at a time so even if it's hard, you don't have to do it for that long. Jillian Michaels is a great trainer, just the right combination of aggravating and encouraging to get you through it!

I did mine today at my OH's house which was a bit harder because I use weights there that belong to his housemate and they are about twice the size of the ones I normally use so right now I have quite sore arms and shoulders - even typing is a bit of an effort! Jillian is right though when she says that doing it on day 5, 6, 7 you can see a difference in your endurance. Day 5 and I could definitely tell I was improving.

Food today

Standard fried egg sandwich for breakfast (with a bit of extra ketchup) HeB + 1.5 syns

Lunch - Risotto Pronto Quattro Formaggi with cherry tomatoes and courgettes (4 syns)

Snacks - a few pears and a hardboiled egg (free)

Dinner - This is a tricky one. Me and OH went out for dinner at a pub because we went to see a flat that we loved and put in an offer on so we wanted a mini celebration, and he'd been to see his grandma who'd given him a bit of cash with the instructions to buy me dinner!

I picked the healthiest thing on the menu which was a halloumi and avocado salad with cous cous and a lemon and chili dressing. I eat halloumi fairly regularly and I'd say that what was there was just over the weight of a HEx, plus there were syns in the avocado. Also I could taste that it had been dressed with olive oil.

So, I'm counting the olive oil in it as my second HExB for the day, the halloumi as a HExA and thinking that my leftover 9.5 syns from the day will cover the avocado and any extra oil + cheese. It was delicious and had loads of tomatoes, peppers and leaves in it aswell so I think I'll probably be ok!

Had to miss group last night for a flat viewing which was annoying but inevitable so I won't be going again until the 25th by which time I'l be on the 11th day of my challenge (I think!) so am hoping to see a really good result then!

I'm not finding it that hard to stick to at present, I think there's something about getting into the routine of doing the shred that helps me bring order to my eating too. I honestly haven't been tempted. When we got in my OH had a Wispa and ordinarily I'd either ask for a bite or just sit looking at him jealously, I barely noticed he was eating it!

MissyLisa, you should def get the shred and come and tel me what you think of it! Congratulations on your brilliant loss so far, you must be delighted. Interesting that your target is 10st and that was my original target, but I think it might be a bit much - perhaps you have a smaller frame than me? I have giant shoulders and hips!


Slim for Summer
MissyLisa, you should def get the shred and come and tel me what you think of it! Congratulations on your brilliant loss so far, you must be delighted. Interesting that your target is 10st and that was my original target, but I think it might be a bit much - perhaps you have a smaller frame than me? I have giant shoulders and hips!
I will do Im a little scared though because apparently its a killer :-(
I am really delighted, started origionally in April for about 8 weeks and quit but just recently started again.
Yeahh im 11st 4lbs now. Everyone is saying i dont need to lose anything but me personally I do.
I have a 29''waist and 36'' hips, but i have a very high waist so all my jeans, skirts fit to my hips. Im about a size 12. With a medium frame.



Slim for Summer
Haha just noticed you are the same height and weight as me :) x
Just came on to here after your comment on my thread. Will be checking in every day, will make it easier knowing somebody else is feeling the pain each day! good luck!
I just bought weights today as had been using tins of beans, tomorrow may be harsh! What do you use? I just got set of 1kg as I am a wimp. When hold them together they are quite heavy, i think 1kg is about 2.5 lbs? Just shows how much 5 pounds weight loss is!
Haven't updated this for a few days but it's all going really well, I have been doing Jillian every day (today will be day 10) and the last few days have been extra tough because I've been doing it at my OH's house or my parents house, where they have bigger weight than the ones I usually use so my arms have been really feeling it! Not had much of a problem sticking to plan 100% either, strange because I've been really slack lately but something about Jillian just helps me focus! Looking forward to WI tomorrow, think I should really see a result!
Day 10 - well done you, have to admit, Jillian hasn't had my attention over the weekend, but I hope to get back to it tonight. I struggle to do it every day, altho the fact it is so short definitely helps. Last time I did it i used tins of beans as weights. I have proper weights now, I think they are 1.5kg and I have definitely noticed a difference with them, especially by the time I get to the side lunges and arm raises, I struggle with those the most!! Still got about 2 weeks til bf comes back, so I can still make a difference with Jillian's help!!
Woops been naughty and not even thought about doing dvd today as spent the whole day doing uni coursework and am now braindead with no motivation to move!
Argh, didn't have time to make breakfast or bring in lunch to work today so now I'm on 11 syns and it's only 2:30 :( still got 2 As and a B but it's very annoying. I usually have at least 10 syns to play with at dinnertime!

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