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My 5 week plan

Hello guys and girls,

My CDC has put me on a 5 week plan, 2 weeks on step 1 (SS+), 2 weeks on step 2 and 1 week on 3. By that time i should lose my 2 and a half stone. As im looking around on this forum im finding everybody is remaining on this diet for much much longer. Is this something i need to worry about? Do you have to do all the steps?

I would hate to lose the weight to then put it back on again in 5 weeks time.

what do you think?
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I hate to be the voice of doom - but 2 and a half stones in 5 weeks??

I'm sorry hun, but that's pretty unrealistic. A stone a month is kinda the norm... Are you sure that's what your CWPC meant? Or is it possible that she meant for you to repeat the 5 week plan a couple of times?
That does sound a bit off the norm. Where you start usually depends on your BMI and how much weight you have to lose. Some people "step down" from 810 to SS+ to SS to "ease" them in to SS if that is the plan they need to go on. A stone a month is the average (although some people do a bit more than that the first month due to the first week's loss).

Once you hit goal you then work the plans upwards to eating normally again to re-educate yourself about portion sizes etc. The people who skip this part tend to increase the risk of putting the weight back on.

Did you get your booklet? I'd have a thorough read from cover to cover and then maybe have a chat with your CDC again?
It did seem a bit to fast. Maybe im reading it wrong. :confused: To get into a healthy bmi i have a stone and a half to lose. But i do want to take it further and lose a stone more, maybe i added the extra stone to the plan by mistake. :(

5-6 weeks to lose a stone and a half sounds much better! :p The only reason my CDC advised me to work up to step 3 is because thats what she did then after she ate sensibly and managed to keep most of it off.

I dont really know much about the steps and i only have the sole source booklet.

Thanks for the advice everybody! Much appreciated!:D


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Ask your cdc for the other booklets to. So you can prepare yourself in your mind what's to come....

Good luck

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