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My 8 month jouney and still doing fine .....

Well it has been a few months since I last wrote on the forum and dont know why.... but felt I should share some sucessess to hopefully give you guys a bit of inspiration after the Xmas period and maybe to remind myself of what I have learnt through LL.

I started in May07 and did three months of foundation - I had three stone to loose and I did it.. and more! I can't say it wasn't hard (eating the soups was the easy bit), the hard bit was fitting it in around a busy social life and the reactions of friends who all felt it was too severe, that it wouldn't work etc .... My counsellor was brilliant (she won counsellor of the year last year for her long term results) and this does help - having a good group who work together made a difference to me, as well as the forum when I needed a pick me up or to express my feelings.

Learning to use the counselling is key - undestanding friends and relatives that play games and not getting involved, understanding why you reach for the food on different occasions is so important particularly when you reach the route management. In a way you have to learn to put yourself first and in some instances all of my group were called selfish on a number of occasions my partners, friends and relatives..

So foundation over - two of my group dropped out in week 8 (unforunately they had been cheating all the way along and no amount of counselling would have helped - UNTIL THEY WERE READY) - You really have to want to do this and put your heart and soul into it for it to work. The rest of my group all achieved the 3 stone and more in the 3 months, one chose to finish there, and the rest of us (5) moved into route to management.

Management started in August07 and was good if quite hard!! Re-training yourself how to think and act around food is a constant thing and putting your learnings into action is difficult - but so important (getting out of your old habbits is the route to success). All of us lost further weight during the first few weeks of management and then stablised over the last few. This is the most amazing feeling!! The fact that you can eat and not put of weight - if you eat properly !! AND THINK ABOUT IT.. Choosing to eat just a row of a chocolate bar and not the whole blooming thing is such a good feeling - you actually feel in control. I have learnt to get a couple of buscuits out of the tin, take them to my desk and choose when I want to eat them, making each one special rather than to eat them on the way back to my desk and want more as I haven't fulfilled my need..

There are so many things I've learnt about myself, I do have self control, I dont need food to make me happy, eating sensibly makes me feel more healthy, spending time doing other things apart from eating is a great thing - generally I am so much more calm and content with myself and my life. Yes loosing three stone will contribute to this - however people didn't think I was fat to begin with (13 stone) but now being 9.7 I am how I think I should be... My issue now is that I have to keep remembering I am this size and not to feel that I am the way I have been for the last 3 years ... mirror image etc ...

It is so wierd I was so nervous to begin management thinking that the weight would go straight back on but it didn't - following the plan (not quite to the letter) it was easy and enjoyable. My tastes are so different now, I actually taste the food I eat. My counsellor said that by about week 8 I would feel more confident that I could manage my diet and she was right. I now make much better unconsious decisios about what food I eat and read my book occasionally to remind myself that I do not want to go back into my old ways.

So with management over at the end of October I decided to pop in for monthly weigh-ins and to attend a mgt class just to keep me on track initially - think I was afraid to go it alone. Keeping in touch with your group members really helps here as when perhaps you have a blip (which we all do and there is nothing wrong with it - as long as you understand why, perhaps the symptoms and look to dealing with the situaton differently next time) your friends are there to help..

Two months on I am eating normally, have managed Xmas and am still my goal weight and hope this message helps those who think it is a tireless journey and that there is a long way to go..

If you really want this, are willing to change and learn then LL will work for you ... Your group and the forum are the people who can help you, family and friends are great and often supportive but sometimes it is hard for them to really understand what you are going through. I cant deny that I was a little moody for the first few months and that my poor husband had very little social life during that period but once you feel more in control you learn that you can do the diet, mgt and live at the same time ..but as I say above YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT THIS !!!

So for all of you guys enjoying, struggling, hating LL there is light at the end of the tunnel and I hope my story maybe just helps a few of you who are feeling a little down after Xmas ....

Good luck guys .....
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Thank you for sharing your story with us it is very inspirational.

I can remember when I was at my sisters this week she being 4 years older but at least 3 stone lighter than me and she showed me the outfit she had bought for her daughter's wedding. It was beautiful.

I made a concious decision to buy myself an outfit as nice, if not better for the wedding, which I should be able to do if I keep on track, as I will have the option in going to more shops.

Once again thanks for sharing your story.
Hello Summer - what a lovely post. Thanks! It's so interesting to hear about people who have gone through the whole programme successfully. It helps me to visualise myself doing it. Congratulations on all you have achieved!

I would like to ask a question though. Do you have a particular way to manage your weight now, or are you just vigilant all the time? For example, are you very strict during the week and more flexible at weekends? Or do you eat your main meal at lunchtime instead of in the evening? Are there any foods which you just cut out completely?

It would be interesting to know this detail so I can imagine a bit further...


Staff member
Fantastic post Summer, thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on your wonderful success!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
Zombie -

I think it is different for everyone .. depending on where your issue areas are to begin with

I have chosen just to be relatively careful, so if I am going out for dinner I will be good all day, same as if I am going away all weekend then, I will be more vigilent during the week and perhaps do a bit more exercise than normal.

I didnt not have anything over Xmas, I ate the chocolate, buscuits etc, I just didnt eat a lot of them the way I would - or if I was due dinner in an hour then instead of the crisps I would eat before I would have a cup of tea or glass of water.

Keeping up the water is important, I still drink 2 to 3 litres a day, and really miss it if I dont drink it and feel dehydrated.

It is so much easier than you think as long as you remember what you have learnt and use the tools and techniques they teach you in foundation.

I dont kid myself though as I realise this is for life - and it has only been a few months which is why it is important to keep having regular weigh ins and use the forum I feel I need to. Changing habbits is one thing making sure you keep to your new way of thinking is the important thing and I am suprised just how easy it is either to keep on track or to fall off it.

Good luck with everthing - it is so worth it !!! Anything you need - please jsut shout.


Thank you for sharing your story - I am just about to start Route to Management so it is so good to hear about someone who is managing their weight successfully - well done!


Deb G

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Thanks - it was good to hear. I'm approaching management in February and I was pleased to hear you found it useful and are STILL in control of your food.

Well done - inspiring!
Summer, that is so kind of you to share your story. I started out 4-5 weeks ago and will be at this for a long time to come so it is very inspirational to hear someone who suceeded and managed to crack the normal eating thing. You sound like you approached this the correct way and have really learned alot about yourself from your journey. You should think about becoming a Ll counsellor!

well done again and thanks for sharing.
What a lovely inspirational story Summer. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Summer, you're a star, well done. I think a good counsellor really is the key to the process of changing your attitude to food. It's a shame the quality of counselling seems to be so variable.

Thank you and well done for your amazing achivement. I need to get back on the wagon after xmas and I think you just gave me the kick up the backside I needed.

Thanks xx


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