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  1. V2120

    V2120 Member

    My Diet History:

    I was thin, then i was really unhappy at school so i gained 5 stone.

    Then i lost 4 stone on CD and went to uni, where i was really happy and lost another stone.

    Then my dad got cancer and my boyfriend dumped me and i ate and ate and ate. And i gained 4 1/2 stone.

    And now I'm trying to lose 4 1/2 stone.

    I just know I'm better than the blubber that surrounds me and i deserve a better, healthier and more active life than i allow myself now. I don't really go out, i go to work and then i go home and i (used to) sit in front of the tv eat a pizza because its too late/ I'm too lazy to cook ( i work in a bar so i actually do get home late). Every morning i wake up and pretty much have an anxiety attack about what I'm going to wear because my entire wardrobe (apart from 5 items) is too small and a burst from it at the seams - literally, i split trousers in december.

    So I'm doing Cambridge, I'm on day 2, the challenge ahead can only be won by me. Its a one horse race and i need to reach the finish line.
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  3. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Just got home and jumped on the scales... and I've lost 2.2lbs, just over the course of today!

    Hopefully, i might lose some more while i sleep? (This seems to happen and i have no idea why)

    This weight loss is now carrying me through the smell of bacon that my boyf is cooking downstairs, supportive. We have now made a rule, that I'm trying to quit food, so he can't eat in front of me and he's trying to quit smoking so i can't smoke in front of him.

    I did have the shittest day today at work, so jumping on the scales as soon as i got in has really made it now! 2lbs!!!!! My little tickers going down! Just the next 59lbs to go... I think thats the part I'm really struggling with. I sometimes feel like if i just ate a slice of cake would it really make that much difference? with the amount i have to lose? But those cakes soon add up and i can't lose anything if i carry on doing it so every day is one more step.
  4. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Stood on the scales this morning and lost another pound!

    Working in a restaurant definitely has its downsides though, they made a ton of sandwiches at lunch time which didn't sell so they offered me some... Felt really empowered turning them down and making a conscious decision to just say no.

    Boyfriends mum came into discuss the family holiday today too, which was the main motivation for the weight loss. She's said that they've rented their villa so were not going anymore which was a bit disheartening but I have other goals and spurs so its not that bad.

    Still there's the family wedding etc so I need to look good for that and I'm already eyeing up dresses jn a size 10 just to make doubly sure I'm motivated. I really want to find the perfect dress to show my weightloss but nothing too showy. Something quite fitted which I would wear normally.
  5. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Day 4:
    Obviously its only 10.30 but so far today ive woken up feeling better than any of the other days, day 1 and 2 i had bad headaches and day 3 i was really shaky and a bit fragile. Another 2 lbs off which takes my weightloss over the last 3 days to 7lbs! I dont know whether this is even realistic but i think i want to get down to 12lbs by Monday? So lose 5 more pounds over the next 4 days? That would be amazing because it would put me under 13stone and give me a massive confidance boosts.

    See how it goes :)
  6. paigee

    paigee Full Member

    Day four is when I started feeling better too. I'm now starting day seven.

    I had my weigh in today and I've lost 10lbs! (after only 6 days on CD)
    I'm on SS+ (3 shakes and a 200kcal meal) What plan are you on?

    Good luck on getting the weight off. It'll be worth it in the end. xx
  7. KathyWebb

    KathyWebb Member

    Hi there,
    I'm also on Day 4 today and feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it all now. I work full time and have two kids, so always tricky trying to remember what I'm doing at the best of times. Which is one of the reasons I like this diet - I don't have to think too much. I've done Weightwatchers and Slimming World before, but you end up even more obsessed with food as you're constantly thinking about what are the best choices to have for meals. With CD you know what you have to do and it's easy to follow.
    I love exercise but haven't done any this week as was advised not to, but I feel fine so might try a gentle zumba class on Friday night (rather than sitting at home missing my weekend glass of wine!).
    Hope the rest of the day goes well for you. x
  8. V2120

    V2120 Member


    Paige - I'm on SS, congrats jn the 10lbs! Very impressive. Really hope I can do the same. Any advice from here on in if your on day 6? Did CD that long ago can't really remember!

    Kathy Webb - I know exactly what you mean about food obsession! When I was gaining weight I was constantly on a diet, doing well for 2 days and then having 'treats' that didn't stop!! It really does consume you mind. I dont have kids, but I'm the manager of a restaurant so my food obsessions are just shoved in my face all day?! Which day are you on?

    Today's my day off and I had to go food shopping. I'm pretty good with most of it, but I've bought some prawns and all I'm sitting here thinking is I could eat those prawns. I've bought sausage rolls, noodles, chocolate but no this diet had turned me into someone who wants to eat healthy prawns all day?! What is happening to me!? No luck so far though, just sank my strawberry tetra. Take that prawns!
  9. paigee

    paigee Full Member

    All I can say is that you've got through what I found the hardest bit. Days 2-3 were horrible.
    Today I'm feeling a little bit dizzy but just making sure I drink enough and sit down alot.

    Gentle walks when I feel okay enough to do it.
    Sleeping and taking baths (not too hot though, nearly fainted) have really helped get me through this. The more I sleep, the less time I have to be hungry.

    I admire your strength to do the SS though, I couldn't cope without the promise of a chicken breast in the evening.

    Paige xx
  10. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Hi Paige,

    Ive had the dizzy spells too and the coldness drives me insane, im already one of those people that wears 2 pairs of socks in winter!

    I do find myself going to bed really early too, partly because im massively tired but also because im trying to avoid the food too.

    The idea of having a lovely chicken breast does sound amazing but im too bad at self control to eat sometimes and not others, plus my portion control is rubbish so i think i might struggle. Im going to try and phase it in slowly after withdrawing from it completely so its like learning to eat again.

  11. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi good luck on your journey, It does get better around day 6 and you will have much more energy and hopefully not have the dizzy spells! I found that if I did not drink enough water I got dizzy and also constipated! This is my second time and I have not had that problem this time I am drinking a lot more and this really seems to help! Good luck I look forward to reading how you are doing!
  12. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Hi Theresa,

    Its great to hear other peoples experiences, i did the diet so long ago that i just dont remember anything (apart from that i craved cucumber?!) I got the fibre supplement right away so that i didnt get the constipation as a friend had mentioned it! Its so lovely to have some support though, i really appreciate it! :)

    So Day 4:
    Drank 4 litres of water but only had 2 shakes, i know it sounds really odd but i wasn't hungry? and i actually forgot about the food/shake situation? (i was shopping though, so that did kind of take over - cardio has to be done) I went to the bullring shopping centre where i have a tradition with friend that we always get sushi and then a krispie creme doughtnut and a coffee to take away and go window shopping with. I am very proud to say that i got more walking in (when we would have had sushi) and then got a black coffee and doughtnuts for the boyf! One big brownie point to me :) Had a bit of a deal with myself that every half stone i get a reward so stuck to that! I got some new trousers for me, but then bought this top in the sale - size medium. Cant fit into it yet, but maybe in half a stone will give it another go? Its just a bit snug at the moment and looks like it too!

    BRING ON DAY 5!! - Hopefully, tomorrow morning will be a good one! :)
  13. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Day 5: Woke up this morning and im now under the 13 stone mark! Have to say though, felt absolutely awful this morning, sick dizzy and really tired. Couldn't concentrate, felt jittery everytime i stood up. I think its because i only had two shakes yesterday so im feeling it today!.

    However, i did do one of my ketostix today and its showing that im in it! Last time i didnt go into ketosis until day 6/7. From reading the posts on some of the forums on here, extreme thirst seems to be the main indicator and ive definately had that today! Ive already downed 2 ltrs today and i cant get enough of the stuff! At least i know now that everything im doing is burning fat, even being cold is burning up my blubber! Might make myself go for a walk to get a coffee on my break (usually i just get one at work) so i keep myself moving and burning!

    I think i might complete my goal that id set myself of 12lbs in the first week! I have today, Sat & Sun to burn up 3 more pounds? I reckon its doable and if you dont try you'll never know.
  14. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Argh! Something really great but really horrible has happened! Ive been invited to Dublin, to the England vs Ireland rugby match which ive accepted (its the most amazing atmopshere and experience) but i found out today that were in hospitality and theres a 3 course lunch?! its the 9th/10th of Feb so not that far away?! I dont know how im going to deal with the food, I'm terrible at self control, theres going to be a lot of drinking too? ARGH!

    I think the best thing to do is lose as much as i can now and just try and come up with a coping strategy in the mean time?

  15. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Day 5 didnt end well, i had a banging headache and mindlessly ate a tortilla chip.
    Day 6 (today) ive been so so so ill i havent got out of bed but boyf has force fed me a bowl of porridge. He assumes im ill because i havent eaten for 6 days. I have tried to explain the diet to him but to be perfectly honest, i felt that bloody awful that i just ate the porridge and was greatful he'd gone to the trouble for me. I do however, feel much much better now - however, this is after an entire DAY of sleep, 5 lemsips and a small bowl of porridge. I think it was the lemsips less of the porridge. Stood on the scales and ive gained 3lbs but im guessing its the porridge, lack of as much water as i usually drink and lemsip. Never mind, get back on the horse tomorrow!
    I dont feel like is cheated as such ( as side from the tortilla, i just wasnt thinking AT ALL!) im just annoyed and pretty gutted at the extra 3lb gain and the fact that i did it. Its a lot and its takes a good 2 days to lose and i have goals!!!

    Just trying to remain positive appreciate my healthy and hope those albs aren't still a full 3lbs in the morning!
  16. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Ok so Day 7 so far so good, 2 shakes down and feeling much better than yesterday. Found things seem to be 'passing through' better than earlier in the week! Starting to feel really good and full of energy again which is great. Much 'extra' 3lbs went down to 1lb so had 1lb gain from eating porridge but feeling great today, so you win some you lose some.

    ...and the best part - this morning my jeans were looser! Really pleased, definately getting smaller!

  17. KathyWebb

    KathyWebb Member

    Day 7 for me today too - think I'm getting the hang of it a bit now! First weigh in tomorrow evening but its time of the month so I'm hoping that doesn't affect my loss. Really want a nice big loss to keep me motivated.

    Good luck to anyone else getting weighed tomorrow.
  18. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Hi KathyWebb! Day 7 is definately when it all clicks together! Really hope you had a big loss today!

    Day 8: IVE LOST 10LBS!! Amazing, even did pilates tonight had a brilliant time. Thought it might be a good idea because i dont want to be all flabby when ive lost the weight, i want to be nice & toned and beach ready!

    Cant wait till tomorrow now!

  19. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    Well done!
  20. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well done on your 10lb loss x
  21. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Day 9: Woke up yesterday morning and id lost another 2lbs! Absolutely over the moon with this diet, my CDC didnt think id have such a big loss this week and prepared me for around the 3/4lb mark as is standard on cambridge in the first few weeks! But to have lost half of that already feels amazing!

    So today is the start Day 10 and this morning i havent lost anything but its my day off today so im going to try and get out and about more, walk into town things like that. It seems a bit trivial but i think a bit of window shopping with give me exercise and inspiration for the weightloss! The cold might help matters and gee up my metabolism! Then tonight im out with the girls who are already well versed in my strict sparkling water reigeme now! and im dropping everyone home too so no vino for me! See what tomorrow morning scales say!


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