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My big fat diet show - on now

In case you're not watching. Anna whatsit, who did the diet bits in, er, was it super size super skinny, or Gok? I forget. Her anyway. I quite like her. Even though she's 9st12 and tall with a lovely figure, but suggests she's overweight! ( I think she looks great)

channel 4 now.

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shes gorgeous and funny and slim enough i think!!
im watching it too

anna richardson


I'm recording it for tomorrow when everyone is out and I can watch it in peace and quiet, oh and fast forward the breaks :D. Football is on now, but I love football :D
I'm sat ranting at the telly as we speak lol. Mainly SLIMMING WORLD every other word :p
I'm watching it too. I think she looks gorgeous! Would be over the moon with her figure.
I always thought on Supersize vs Superskinny she looked gorgeous.. she was around 11.5 !! Thats normal... now she 9 and a half or whatever.. shes bloody perfect!! Not overweight! I cant believe that woman with all the chocolate though!! £2,500 a year!!! :O


I can do this............
She looks fab why is she telling people do such a ridiculous thing!! Give me Slimming world anyday!

How many people will be downloading this diet tomorrow? Not me thats for sure!!
Not for me at all... did u see the smitherine of chicken?? On SW we can have a massive veggie curry with as much rice as we like soo NAHH :D:D xx
Blitzing the onion for the curry was a good idea though. Might give that a go. All that calorie counting though!! Blimey riley! Give me SW any day!
I just can't get over that woman with the chocolaate though!! I thought i had problems!! :D x
oh whats all this about the chocolate.? I cant get watching it. And what is she saying about SW.???
She is what I would call the perfect woman, she is gorgeous in every way.... b!tch. ! !! LOL. only joking....
I have always been an Anna fan.........
She's not talking about slimming world.. we are just comparing it to SW!! Lol.. A woman on there eats £2,500 worth of chocolate a year lol!!


Talks too much
oohh just noticed that i have one of the dresses that they are tryin to slim into! its the blue one with the twist at the bust. wore it a few times at xmas.
Ahhh thats good!! :D xx
I absoloutly love her, i wish i was a bit taller so i could carry a bit more weight and look as fab as she does. Shes got such a great sence of humour, i'd love to have a good gossip with her!
I think she has a book out.. I was reading something on the internet the other day about her.. she has struggled with her weight since she was 4! And she was stunned her boyfriends always liked her the way she was.. hmmm i wonder why... because she always looks good!!

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