My blender is annoying me!!


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This may not be the best place to put this...but does anyone know of a product that will mix my shakes and soups to perfection, wont annoy me and doesnt sound like a maching gun going off??? Oh, not too expensive either....
argos actually sell it too, but its 29.99, although if your a cheeky buggar like me i would go in and ask them to price match, and they usally do.
Never thought of that CD thing! What a great idea!!
Girlies, thanks sooooo much for the recommendation!!! My genie finally arrived today....after like, how many weeks?!

Anyway, sw this humongous box and thought 'oh no, wat have I bought'. Took all the bits out, and used it this evening....its the dogs b*llox!!! I love it, so easy to use, so easy to clean....and without all the bits its quite small too so I will be able to bring it to Dublin with me without too much hassle (my car is probably going to sink the boat with the aount of stuff that will be in it!!)

Anyway, just wanted to say thanx!!!
I got my blender, £4.99 wilko's its louder than a machine gun, sprays the shakes everywhere and is generally pants!!!!!!!!

But hey, no lumps!!!!!!!!!!
I got a genie. Great for doing my breakfast smoothies. Also good for the shakes, but I found it made the soups too frothy.

When I was on CD, I mainly used one of those braun hand held thingies. It was perfect, and easy to clean too.

You can get cheaper ones that are similar.
Well I couldnt be dealing with the loudness of my blender!! Especially considering I usually make a shake after mini me has goe to bed and do be afraid of it wakening her up!!! Did soup in my genie earlier and it was perfect, no froth...I was a bit confuzzled by it at one point, but its ace!!
glad you like it, if you ever watch the shopping channels on sky they do a presentation on it now and again, worth watching for some ideas, even though its cheesy lol
Glad you like the Genie Kazz - those cups with the coloured rings are an ace idea aren't they!! :D