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My BMI is too HIGH weight loss diary..

well went to WW last Monday for the dreaded weigh in, I weigh 17stone 6lb:sigh: feel very very ashamed that I have let myself get to this weight, before I just made excuses, have three children, last two close together, last one 10 weeks ago, but no it wasn't the pregnancies, it was me, being too greedy and lazy, so here I am hopefully back on track, went to WW, walked most nights this week and DH has just bought me membership to a local gym and pool, so I am going swimming tomorrow night:)I know I can do this, my main reason for losing weight is to get my BMI down to a healthy range, I want to just be me and not be constantly worrying about how I look and feeling like the fattest person in the world everywhere I go!! off out now for another walk!
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First congratulations on the baby :)

Youre totally doing the right thing, WW is a great way to lose weight. A diary on here is a great idea too, I personally find mine really therapeutic and as time goes on its great to have a record of things :)

We like diaries on here, mainly cos we're a nosey bunch ;)

The forum is a bit quiet at the weekends, but will pick up tomorrow (especially when Clair and Marie emerge from their drink induced comas ;) )

Good luck this week, look forward to hearing how youre doing :)
Thanks starlight and Well done on your fantastic loss, hope you are very proud of yourself:king:


Bye bye bellies!!!
Hi My BMI is too HIGH,

Looks like we are starting at the same time. Good luck.
Im joining my class on Tuesday and that will be my weigh day but I have been on the diet since yesterday - its going well so far.

Hiya Andi
best of luck on Tuesday:)
oh my God, I did the worst thing, I weighed myself this morning and according to my scales I have lost no weight:jelous:
it diesn't make sense, i swore I wouldn't weigh myself, but I was feeling positive and happy and now I am so upset, 10 hours to weigh in, now I don't want to go:confused:


The Diet Guy

Try and stay off those dreaded scales :) as long as you stick to the rules of the diet then in the medium to long term you will get to goal weight, the scales can be the best motivator in the world but also the best demotivator as well.

Good luck for tonight but don't ever let one weigh in make you think it isn't working as you are in this for a while and it DOES work.

Thanks Mike
I know I shouldn't have got on those scales
I have followed the plan all week walked for at least an hour a day, so I know myself I my doing it right, well I will know in a few hours what the WW scales says!
thanks again
Hi, My bmi is to high,

good luck with your weight loss journey and don't beat yourself up about your weight, at least your trying to do something about it!

And i agree with Icemoose (even though im addicted to weighing myself lol)
Stepping on those scales before weigh in day isn't a good idea.

you can gain and lose up to 3.5lbs in a day purely through water weight
The truest reading you will get will be the one you do once a week on the same day at the same time if you can

Good luck you can do it! :)
Thanks Bluehall:) glad I am not the only person addicted to the weighing scales! my husband is going to hide them tonight!!!
lol my husbands always threatening that but knows i'd go mad without them!

I weigh in the morning , evening , before and after i go to the toilet :p , as i pass the toilet on the way to get dressed,make beds etc - well you get the idea! :eek:

take it from me sometimes they really can be your downfall
If you can stay away from them do!

i know if i jump on and have lost im overjoyed whereas if ive gained or stayed the same i get disheartened and think what the heck

I'm trying my hardest not to weigh as i know it can make or break each day for me

good luck at your weigh in tonight and don't forget your scales prob won't weigh the same as your diet counsellors
so you may well find yo have a good loss!

sam xx
we must be sisters!
you have described my relationship with the scales!!!
i will get it hidden, its the only way!!
well done starlight!
will wait until tonight at WW
will post the results later!
oh my God, so much for my scales being wrong
I cannot believe it
thanks so much for the support:)
went swimming Monday and Tuesday and going today as well
walked twice yesterday up and down a very steep hill! have a couple of nights out this weekend and I am determined I will be down on Monday, so I have already pre-pointed what I will eat on fri and Sat night, tomorrow night I am going out with friends, so i will have a few glasses of wine, going to go swimming over the weekend and walking, so hoping to break the stone, only need to be down 2 and a half pound, but I am aiming to be down 4lb this week:)
good luck with your weigh in this week, you certainly have the motivation!! :)

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