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Hello All! Well After The Weekend From Hell, I Am Feeling Slightly Better Today!
Woke Up On Saturday Morning With Face Swollen Up As Though I'd Been In A Boxing Match! Then Came The Excruciating Earache And Then My Glands Started To Swell Up. I Thought I Was In For Glandular Fever--i've Had It Twice In 5 Years-- And Was Honestly Feeling Awful. Thank Goodness It Wasn't However But Got Myself Up To My Local Nhs Direct Hospital Who Gave Me Antibiotics And Paracetomol.
Only Thing Was The Antibiotics Were "after Evry Meal Ones". I Could've Cried. I Made The Choice To Come Off Ssing Though As I Knew The Sooner I Get Better The Sooner My Head Will Be In Right Place To Do It Again.

So Last Night I Was Looking Through My Box--does Any1 Else Hav A Box?? Like Of All Old Photos And Letters And Cards And Stuff? Mine Date Back To When I Was At Primary School!!
Anyway I Was Looking Through My Box Feeling Sorry For Myself And I Came Across A Photo Of Me 5 Years Ago In Ibiza On A Girly Holiday And If I Do Say So Myself---i Looked Fab! I Was So Slim And Toned And Tanned And My Outfit Was Gorgeous Haha! Anyway I Was So Shocked Looking At This Photo As All I Remember From That Holiday Was Feeling Like The Fattest Girl On Holiday. I Then Looked At My Yearbook Photos From 6th Form At School And Again I Looked Thin. Thinner Even Than When On Holiday But All I Remember From That Period Of Time Was Hating Myself Because Of My Weight. Looking At Those Photos Have Given Me Such A Kick Up The Bum For When I Restart On Wednesday! I Know I Can Be Slim And Gorgeous So I Should Have Nothing Stopping Me!!!!!! My Friend Is Coming Over Today With Her Holiday Pics From That Time And I Am Going To Plaster Them Over My Bedroom Mirror, Bathroon Mirror, Fridge And Anywhere Else I Can Find! I Know I Can Do This!!! Roll On My Restart On Wednesday And Getting Rid Of This Damned Earache!!!!!!!! Love To U All! Xx
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Hi Lisa
I just wated to say that I was on a 7 day course on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago..and they said with food.
But, (there are probably those who will disagree) I still SS, after all what are the mesls other than food.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hey Lisa.
Earache is such a pain!! I suffer a lot with it. I hope that you are feeling better.
If you made the decision to come off SS, then that's sensible. It's only going to be a few more days before you are back SS'ing with the rest of us and in full swing!!!
Yes, it was disappointing I'm sure for you to have to stop when you were doing so well, but you will get better quickly.
As for the photos it certainly sounds as if this has given you the motivation to get o track again. Sadly when we look at pictures at the time of them being taken, all we see is a blob, we don't actually remember anything about the time it was taken, only the "Oh My God, I looked like that!" reaction. Think about that Holiday, I bet you really had a great time.
Put the pictures up and everytime you feel that moment of weakness, reach for it - what more of an incentive do you need?

Sorry to waffle!!!


Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
I was also on antibiorics a few weeks ago, i think it was my 2nd week on ss, i continued to ss but made sure i took the antibiotics with my shakes, it did give me an upset tummy on the first day but after that i was fine and made a speedy recovery. I love looking at old photos, except im really big in alot of them an i feel slightly ashamed of myself, especially as i lost all the weight and then managed to put it all back on with the exception of a stone in just over a year!


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if you take after your shakes you should be ok . if your stomach empty it could irritate the lining . antibiotics are prone to give you upset tummy and often many ppl get the trots !!!!! quite common. wouldnt be too concerned , many antibiotics have to be given on an empty stomach ... its just manufacturers guidelines
hope you are feeling better soon hun. OMG holiday photos - i LOVE looking back through mine. My best friend and I used to go on holiday 3 times per year during our "wild 20s" and we were so slim! The funny thing is that we both thought we were fat! If only to be that size again!
I got a "memory box", well a few by now. It's brilliant and sad looking through them!

FYI, did you know that glandular fever was down to Herpes??
Of course, when i say Herpes everyone's going to say "ewww" but so is chicken pox, shingles, and cold sores!
Glandular fever in some regions of Africa almost always presents as Burkitts lymphoma - HUGE cancers....weird innit.

I think it's a good choice to come off SS as you need all the strength you can get! And i bet you'll soon be at your "slim toned" self soon!

Get well soon xxx
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I was on antibiotics a week ago and mine said on an empty stomach, which made me laugh coz I've almost always got an empty stomach!

I SSed and had no problems at all. I can also relate to the fat photos. I recently looked at some photos of me as a teenager and I was slim. Why in my head was I so huge???? :mad::mad::mad:

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