My breath is sooo rank

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Princess, 2 October 2006 Social URL.

  1. Princess

    Princess 2nd Time Lucky!

    Its sooo bad. Especially through the night and first thing in the morning.
    But even the day its bad too Im scared to open my gob to speak now.
    Is there any kind of minty breath freshner I can use that had zero carbs/calories and wont knock me out of ketosis?
    Im desperate!!! :(
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  3. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    hi Princess
    Snap Im too scared to talk to anyone at the mo lol
    Just think thats a good sign as your in Ketosis :D

    I too wanted to know what mouth freshners were ok on LL

    Well done you...............week 3 nearly done
  4. Princess

    Princess 2nd Time Lucky!

    Hello i'lldo it hows it going? :p
    Yup week 3 almost up WI tonight yay! My god its flew in!!!

    Hoping some freshed mouthed person comes along soon for us! hahah :D
  5. 4busybee

    4busybee Full Member

    i started with LL and pretty sure you can have mouth wash and gold spot mouth spray. I used the mouth spray and the was and it didn't do me ny harm so you should be fine.
  6. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    lol yes so do I ,glad your on track xxc
  7. Princess

    Princess 2nd Time Lucky!

    Gold spot spray cool! Is that available in supermarkets etc?
    Thanks for that hun xx
  8. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    thanks Busy can we have those mouth mint breath freshner strips????
  9. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    i used mouthwash, and was always fine
  10. fingersx

    fingersx Full Member

    chewing gum?

    The Cambridge Diet webpage says sugar free gum shouldn't really be chewed on S/S but can be for 2-3mins. It doesn't mention it throws you out of ketosis but that it may make you feel hungry so I guess if you can cope with the hunger pangs than it is ok to chew!

    I have been having a half piece of gum now and again and also the mint 'sheets' and still managing to loose although I am not sure what the official word is and if/what is officially recommended....
  11. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Gold spot mouth spray is on special offer in superdrug at the mo for £1.32

    Its all ive used during the day and its fab, spray once over the tongue and once under the tongue, doest knock you out of ketosis and keeps smelling lovely for a while.

    Chewing gum may kick off cravings btw, strips can be used but they are hard to get hold of now.

    Hope this helps x
  12. Princess

    Princess 2nd Time Lucky!

    Thanks for all of your replies! I shall be marching down to superdrug today or tomorrow on a quest for fresh breath :D
  13. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    me too lol
  14. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

    Bad breath is killing me at the moment. I hate it in a morning when i go to school and other mums talk to me - i feel really self conscious and end up hardly speaking!!
    Think i'm going to superdrug tomorrow!!! ;)
  15. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    Ill have to but loads of sprays
  16. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

    Hey Ladies alot of peeps on here use the little strips that melt on your tongue make sure they are sugar free x
  17. Princess

    Princess 2nd Time Lucky!

    Thanks yeah I will be buying a good few bottles! lol
    Ive tried those strips but they make me gag :(

    TY all!
  18. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hiya - I had this really bad when I first started (6weeks in now) - and my tongue was an awful colour and was afraid in case people noticed it when I was speaking :eek: also had (and sometimes still get) a horrible metally taste in my mouth..

    I have found that it has got tongue is now pink again !! and I also brush my tongue every day so that might be helping :confused: you can also get tongue scrapers - which I also bought but using it made me gag !

    I've used the sugar free strips very occasionally and they don't seem to have hindered my losses.....hope you get sorted soon !
  19. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Gold spot is spot on.
    Toothpaste is a brill alternative.
    Sugar-free gum - beware the production of saliva as it increases cravings!!!
    Minty strips - I thought these were forbidden on LL and CD as they contained too many carbs??? They could knock some people out of ketosis so take care!
  20. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    Our LLC told us last week that the only strips we could have were the listerene strips.
    Hope that helps a bit - I'm brushing several times a day and trying not to gag when I clean my tongue :eek:

    Kitty x
  21. kati

    kati Gold Member

    I went to superdrug on saturday to look for that goldspot stuff but couldn't find any. What sort of things do they keep it ith and what does it look like so I have some idea?

    I thought it would be where the toohpaste would be but there was nothing like that there

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