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My C has given me a task....

We were discussing shops last night and I said I often go to Aldi for things and someone else agreed it's a really good place for cheap free food. So my C asked me to go shopping with £5 and bring a meal in next week for everyone to try. Seems simple enough but I'm now feeling less confident. So does anyone have any suggestions please? I've had a look in search and come up with a few ideas but if anyone has something wonderful to add I'd really appreciate it.

I was thinking maybe a lunchtime type menu, their couscous and mushroom risotto is easy and low in syns, cottage cheese and yogurts etc but it seems a bit boring. I'd love to go in with a wonderful meal and surprise them.:)

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Haha oh yes that would be perfect I should have thought of that, I don't have it but maybe I could ring someone and borrow it.
Thank you. I'll check the fruit and veg. Think I'll make a roulade with the fruit. That's about as far as I've got so far. Will let you know what I come up with.:)

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I agree about the BBC recipes - just adapt to make SW friendly! Seasonal fruit and veg will always be cheaper - what about a delicious beetroot soup - I've just had some for lunch with cumin, harrissa and yogurt - delicious - didn't make it, bought it from the farm shop, but will be attempting my own this weekend xxx


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i would suggest a chicken based meal - you can buy budget chicken packs for £2 ish (thighs/wings) and then glaze them with egg and spices.

Serve with Couscous salad/Jacket Pot on EE, or just loads of veggies for a Red day! x
Thank you some lovely ideas. Maybe I should do some kfc chicken, chicken's cheap in Aldi and then I could serve it with whatever veg is on offer. Too many decisions to make!

D_D please let me know how your beetroot soup turns out I adore beetroot.:D
Roast veg lasange? or chicken kebabs marinated in honey and mustard with roast veg and couscous, you can do the kebab thing with new potatoes as well the recipes are in ainsley harrietots low fat cook book. Or how about a curry and rice?
Thank you dumpylumpy. That all sounds lovely. Everyone on here has such yummy food, makes me feel quite inadequate!


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the chicken bovril might whack up your costs for the KFC chicken - but its only about £1.10....!!! maybe....its a taste sensation after all!!! x
Oh yes and I doubt they sell chicken bovril in Aldi (have only ever found it in Sainsburys) which is kind of the point of it all. I've made a bit of a list from the SW website about things I can buy which are free or low in syns. I wish I had one of those directorys to take with me. Does anyone know if there's a good list in it for Aldi/Lidl?
Well I'm off to Aldi later armed with my fiver. I've never taken so little into a shop before! Allie, those ideas are wonderful thank you. I will look at what meat I can afford and decide exactly what to do with it this weekend. I'll get lots of fruit and veg that are on offer and then go hunting for a nice recipe. Remind me not to do this again, I'm feeling stressed!
Well I did it, I'm afraid it's not very exciting and £5 was a bit of a struggle even in Aldi, either that or I have no imagination.

I wanted to show some of the things you can just buy from there as that was kind of the point so I've got a packet of mushroom risotto that I'll make up and add veg too. Another pack of spicy cous cous with some parsnips and courgettes to roast and add. I'll make a courgette frittata just because it's yummy (can you tell courgettes were on offer?:D) I have some of their ryvita type things which started the whole idea off with cottage cheese and salad and then I'm making a pineapple and peach roulade. I spent £9 but I won't need all of the packs of things so will deduct what I don't use and hopefully reach £5. I hope it's nice, I'm quite surprised I got all that for the price the eggs took up £1 by themselves! The only thing I need to buy seperately is quark for the roulade they didn't have any.

What do you think?

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