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My Calorie Counting & Fitness Diary!

Hi everyone!

3 weeks ago I stepped on to the scales and was horrifed to see that I weighed 16 stone (224 lbs)

It is the heaviest I have ever been in my life and after literally years of putting it to the back of my mind I am FINALLY going to do something about it.

I have lost weight before, when I was 16 I weighed 12 stone (168lbs) and I lost a stone and a half by going to Weight Watchers, although even back then I did NOT follow the points plan I just ate healthy and exercised and the weight came off in a month I only went to weight watchers to get weighed as it motivated me knowing that I was going to have to step on to the scales in front of another person, even if she was really nice!

Now I am 21 and have gained back the weight I lost plus some more! I have been very happy the past couple of years with my boyfriend and I think I just ate out of contentness.

So am sick of not being able to look at pictures of myself, I am sick of not being able to wear the clothes I want, and I am sick of being ashamed of my body. I want to loose weight SO badly that I know this time will be different.

I have been counting calories for about 2 weeks and on average have around 1,300 per day. I have lost alittle bit of weight around 6lbs. I have been tracking everything I eat on www.LiveStrong.Com/MyPlate. Although I am not always sure that everything is 100% correct. As I sometimes have to guess how many calories certain foods are, I always try to guess higher rather than lower though.

Here is today's menu.

For Breakfast I only had time for a Activa Strawberry Yoghurt 100 cals

2 Slices of Wholemeal Bread
1tsp Flora Light
Half a can of tuna
Light Salad Cream
3 Slices of cucumber = 400 cals

Snack: Bananna 100cals

Dinner is going to be
Grilled Salmon
2 New Potatos = 520 cals

As far as excerise I have been running for the past couple of months with my boyfriend even when I wasn't trying to loose the weight, but I have been getting bad shin splints ( I think thats what I have) which means the inner part of my calves hurts after running and even when I rested for a month they still ache after doing a run. So I have been going for walks, and doing Wii Fit. I think Wii Fit is a GREAT way to do light exercise at home especially for people who have never excersied before. I usually do an hour three times a week, I really like running on the spot and the hula hoop for toneing.

I am going for a walk today and also going to do a pilates Dvd that I used to love.

I am only at the start of my journey so I am feeling very positive about this!

I also forgot to mention that I am drinking as much water as I possibly can along with Green Tea even though I hate the stuff
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6lbs is a fantastic loss so far, well done and I hope you continue to do well :)
So I decided that every sunday would be my weekly weigh in day, so this morning I stepped on to my bathroom scales and it said that I stayed the same! So just to double check I decided to weigh myself on the Wii Fit, I've never done that before just because my bathroom scales are easier. Well I'm glad I did because the Wii Fit said that I was back to my starting weight!! I was so upset! I am not sure what to think now, I know that I've lost weight because my clothes fit better, but now i'm not sure what my actual starting weight was =/ so I dont know how many lbs i've actually lost.

I'm going to buy a new set of scales today.

I will hopefully update my real weight later today.
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Hey Sarah, Yes it really is depressing! I bought a new pair of scales today and stood on them before I ate anything and I weighted 15 13lbs. So I am classing that as my start weight. I know I have lost weight, I have been working hard exercising and eating good for over 2 weeks now so I must have lost a few pounds but I'm starting over with my new starting weight!

Does anyone else weigh themselves on the Wii Fit board because when I got on them this morning it said I was well over 16st which depressed me even more, but then I went and bought a brand new pair of expensive scales and they said 15 stone 13lbs so I dont think the Wii Fit board is very reliable!
Food wise today has not been great since I was kind of depressed after weighing myself. I had a chicken roast dinner with my family, although I had 60% veg on my plate and passed on dessert. Later when I am hungry I will eat some cherries or a bananna so techniqually I have stayed under my calorie limit but I'd rather not eat bad foods such as roast potatoes! Tomorrow is a new day and now I actually know my proper weight I can actually see how much weight I am losing each week.
Hi there i use the wii fit board to wiegh myself but i have bathroom scales too and the wii fit always shows me as a couple of pounds more! It is importand when using the board that it is on flat surface no rugs etcc cos they unbalance it. I first weighed myself on a rug and then on the floor and the difference was 14 lbs! :( u should keep using it cos its good as it shows u on the wee tracking thing how much u loose. :)
Hey Cantstopgaining, thanks for letting me know about your experience with the Wii! It was on a flat surface in my bedroom as I have wooden floor, so I dont know why it was so wrong! I'm not going to weigh myself on the Wii anymore, going to stick to the new scales I have bought :)
Hi, and Welcome to CC.

It was a good idea to weigh again, so that you could have an accurate starting weight for this forum.

The weight will start shifting soon, just continue with the calorie counting and walking, and you'll do great :D

I look forward to reading about your weight loss journey

Carol xx
Well done on your efforts so far - your menu looked lovely, really appetising. I think a lot of us have experienced vastly differing weight readouts on scales, but once I get over the shock of what they are saying, I realised, that the starting weight wasn't important now I had decided to take control back. And the minute you start to see the numbers get lower, the thrill is indescribable. I have weird weekly weigh ins - I can go up and down all over the place, despite sticking to around 1200 to 1400 calories, and doing regular exercise. However, I have noticed that on the weeks when the scales stay the same, my clothes are definitely looser, so I think my body shape is changing nonetheless. Then all of a sudden I drop 4 or 5 lbs!! Stick with it. If you know you are eating less than you need, and exercising, you will definitely lose weight. Good luck x
Thanks Carol and Landie!

Today has been very productive, I bought a new swim suit as I've decided to go swimming tomorrow. There is a pool literally 2 mintues walk from my house, I haven't been in 4 years so I'm kind of embarressed about being seen in a swimming costume espeically the size of my thighs! but I guess you just have to think that there is always someone bigger than you and just get on with it. I'm going with my boyfriend so I wont be alone.

B: 1 Poached Egg in an English Muffin with a tiny bit of Flora light and an Activa Strawberry Yogurt.
L: I was still full from breakfast even after shopping for a few hours so I just had some Blackberries and Cherries.

Dinner will be a Jacket Potato with Tuna, Light Salad Cream and Sweetcorn with some Salad on the side.

Any snacks will be fruit, either some Blackberries or a Bannana.

I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling ALOT less bloated now. I'm drinking so much water per day that I loose count of the amount and I haven't been eating after 7pm.

I also picked up Shape magazine today, it's an american magazine but it was pretty good especially if you like all aspects of beauty, skin, cosmetics aswell as fitness :)

Anyone have any other fitness magazines that they recommend?

Hey i have also decided to go swimming tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it i love to swim but the thought of wearing a swimming costume makes me feel sick! I must try to beat this fear tho cos its silly.
As for magazines i like the weight watchers one even if your not on the diet it has good recipies and fitness stuff. I am a sucker for these mags tho and would read them all rather than actually get up and go do some excersize ha ha :) Trying to stop that too! xxx
I totally agree ^ My thighs in a bathing suit are not something I want to subject other people to! Just remember that you are not the biggest person alive, there will always be bigger people so just be brave and get it over with. I think after going swimming once and have people see me in my costume will make me less nervous the next time i go. I think swimming will be a great exercise for me because I just love to swim! Are you going alone cantstopgaining?

I will have a look for the weight watchers one next time! Shape is good but not really for recipes.
I'm still putting off going swimming :( I hope you really enjoy it when you get there, I'm sure you will :)
Hey paradiselola nope my boyfriend is coming with me and i know it sounds silly but i have even made him promise to NOT look when i get in and out of the pool ha ha poor boy :(

Rigby you have done sooooo well with your loss you should def go swimming it will help i think paradiselola is right it will be ok after the first time :)
Rigby you should definetly try to go swimming! Go at a time when you know it will be quiet and go to an adults only session. Your MUCH slimmer than I am, so if i can do it then so can you!

Cantstopmoving Awww I'm sure you boyfriend loves you whatever weight you are, but I totally understand how you feel. I'd rather my boyfriend did not see me naked like this.
Yeah he totally does and is always telling me how good i look but in a way that doesnt help! I'm not comfortable in my own skin anymore and thats not a nice feeling :( Anyway i am doing something about it now so on a positive note really looking forward to getting in the pool! lol :) xxx
Have fun at the pool! Once your in the water no one will even notice you.

My favourite mag is Zest. It's got recipies, diet plans, workout plans, fun ways to get fit, beauty tips and abit of fashion. I love it and reading it always gets me motivated... i guess i need to go buy one then lol!


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