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My Cambridge Journey

Starting on the Cambridge Diet tomorrow with step 1 sole source, really excited but scared. My CDC is really friendly so i feel completely supported!

I know i can do this!

Reasons why i want to loose weight.

- i want to be healthy.
- i want to be able to wear whatever i want.
- a bikini! really do i have to say anymore?
- i want to feel like myself again.
- i want to be able to look at a picture and say wow i look brilliant instead of, do i really look that fat?


- Get through Day One.
- Get through the Week.

Well here goes nothing!

Kmcxx :D
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Halfway through day one, and i must admit i'm feeling not too bad. had 2 of those strawberry silk things so far.

cant wait to get home try a soup and head to bed.

kathleen x
Good luck Kathleen!

I'm only a few days ahead of you (today is day 4 for me), but I understand from most people that these first few days are the hardest so if we just hang on in there, in a weeks time it should be smoother sailing ^_^

- Joe
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really strange, i JUST this minute watched your video! then i seen you had wrote on my diary.

how's the past few days been for you?
really strange, i JUST this minute watched your video! then i seen you had wrote on my diary.

how's the past few days been for you?
Thanks for watching ^_^ Yeah the last few days have been ok - The first two days were pretty hard but when day 3 arrived it started getting better and today was a breeze, then tomorrow is weigh-in - woot, woot!

Tomorrow is also the start of the weekend though and because I work long shifts, I have three day weekends... so I'm into ketosis, but it was pretty easy getting there because of work, now I have the real challenge of getting through 3 full days without cheating over the weekend - if I pull off this weekend, which I'm not too worried about, then I'm confident I'll be on the wagon for quite some time to come :)

Not long now til the ketosis kicks in for you too so at least the hard bits nearly over ^_^

- Joe
Oooh another newbie.

I am coming into day 7, I weighed in a little early yesterday and I had lost 7.5lb (the extra pound makes all the difference dont you know)

Have you been checking MissyJo's diary, she is very into linda spangle and the beck diet solution, some seriously motivating stuff on there and Lilly's Lyrical Lollipop...and of course Diary-of-a-soon-to-be-not-so-fatty-man - who's Vlog I have yet to peruse!!!

I am taking a 100 day challenge to spanglafi my lifestyle, CD is just for the nowz.



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hi there i have been on Cd for almost 2 weeks now without cheating but hve lost little weight on the tummy only....havent lost weight on my hips and chest...the problem areas....i dont do any exercise at all and sit most of the times in a day.....
Day 2 :(

really hungry, the apple cinamon porridge was lovely! just tucking into my butterscotch shake. not liking it at all, i cant wait to get this mix a mousse stuff because i love butterscotch angel delight! when am i allowed to buy mix a mousse and the water flavourings? does anyone know?

Hope everyone is doing well today, thanks for reading my diary :D!
Sorry to hear that you struggled today kmcxx, Day 2 was the worst for me so it should be all uphill from tomorrow!

Can't help with the mousses though I'm afraid as I just buy the pre-made shakes every week and then live off them - the first time I did the diet I tried everything and realised that pre-mades were the way to go for me, so I don't even bother trying the others now - although in a couple of weeks I'll probably add a bar a day ^_^

Good luck with day 3!

- Joe
I've been posting on this every day and I've just realised it hasn't been saving! Well week one is over! Heading to my 1st weigh in as we speak :D here's hoping I've attacked the flab. Raced the race for life 5k on sunday so well chuffed with myself. Feeling brill. How is everyone else xx
Week One : Done and dusted!

Got through week one, day 2 was absolute murder but ive made it through the week and lost an amazing 10 and 3 quarter pounds! so pleased with myself. Cant wait for next weeks weigh in. Heading to blackpool for a while on thursday planning to have at least one meal while im away, anyone got any tips? my cdc said chicken and salad or mushroom omelete. How much damage would it do if i have a little bit of what i liked, a curry or a slice of pizza. but not overdo it?

Kathleen xx
on my 3rd week :D, feeling brill at the moment i am looooving the bars. malt toffee and orange are my favs atm, having one a day for lunch and shakes for lunch and dinner. chocolate mint with loads of ice mmmmm love it! been on jury duty all week. so glad its over with, so excited for reaching my minigoals decided im going to buy myself something everytime i reach one. Had my eye on this watch for ages, going to buy myself it when i reach one stone lost, so hopefully a loss of 4lb this week!

kathleen xx
third week on plan and ive lost an amazing 17 and half pounds :D. wooo going to get my lovely new watch 2moro i think x
wow Kathleen amazing loss. I have done 15lb and Im midway into week 4 (TOTM grr) it feels great doesnt it? What watch are you treating yourself to?
seen a gorgeous black one with diamontes, its 14 pounds so something that will remind me of getting passed the one stone mark. how are you finding cambridge?

It's a long and winding road, even though it's only day 27 for me. There`have been a few blips, mostly planned blips however, but I am back in check, committed and my goal for this week is to try and get to 12 9 (or 10) so that will be 3lb down from last week if you believe my Consultants scales... idealy I would like to drop 4lb a week.

I am really inherantly lazy, which I disguise as being too tired or too busy for excercise, but actually that is a big fat LIE. So thats also something I need to do.

If only it was so simple huh?

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