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My Cat's not fat!

I know this is probably a bit of a daft post, but here goes.

I've just been sitting watching my cat. He is fast asleep on the settee and he looks so healthy. He is fit: not fat but not thin either and his coat is gleaming with health.

What does he do to keep himself in this tip-top condition? He eats when he's hungry, he sleeps when he's tired and he chases things when he feels like it.

I'm gona try to be more like my cat!

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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
That's not daft at all, cats are animals and they don't have silly things such as temptation or cravings, etc. They just do what they have to do, basically the necessary things.

We should all be thinking like our cats.

Ok, out of context that sounds downright stupid haha.


plodding away
I'd love to be more like my cat and do my best with the sleeping and eating when I want - not if I could just get the hang of the running around maybe I'd be thinner.
Both my cats are rather large but its not through over eating
they only get there complete food twice a day
but i think they are both rather lazy, which makes me think
being active is a very big part of the battle
One of my cats is a right little fatty. She'll overeat to bursting, then vomit, then eat a top-up. She seems driven to eat all available food just incase the other cat gets any, but the other cat won't challenge her for it - she'll walk away if she sees fatso at the dishes.

She's highly active, full of energy, plays a lot... and waddles when she walks :D

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Sounds adorable!

I miss my cat :( Evil flatmate stole her away. Granted, it was really hers but I was the one taking care of her and she slept with me every night and all. Sweet kitty she was.
I would like to be a cat- its just the toileting outside that puts me off !! Despite having a littler tray ours far prefers to go outside-even in all the snow and ice-perhaps she is not the most intelligent of cast ??!!
I have 5 cats, 2 normal 18 month olds that charge around all day , one adult female that's prone to becoming skinny, one solid muscular boy that is like a giant furry brick and one very fat boy that sits in the grass eating slugs and bugs that come his way when I put him on a diet. Vet said to drop the diet as the slugs are a real threat to his health!

I'd love to be like the adult female prone to becoming skinny....some hope!
I have the greediest cat in the world - she will steal anything left out in the kitchen, from obvious things like licking gravy off plates or yoghurt from pots, but through to crisps, bread, and most recently chewing the christmas cake! Amazingly she's slim and healthy, but she's only 18 months and I have a feeling it could catch up with her...
(sounds depressingly familiar! - owners resembling their pets, anyone?) ;-)


One day at a time :)
I have 2 cats. One lady who is nearly 3 to who is generally slim but gets a flabby bulge between her back legs in the winter from lack of exercise & a chunky boy cat who is 2 1/2 and eats everything from raw potatoes through the plastic to croissants in their packet... he's super greedy but so active that he's solid, not fat :)

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
I am on a mission to feed up my two little rescue Kittens ( brother and sister ) the runts of the litter, abandoned very very young, bottle fed and itsy bitsy....

They are now my Diet Police, they can hear a wrapper opening two rooms away, will not let me snack anywhere as they are SO inquisitive !!!
Wouldn't change them for the World !!!!

Diva x



Les Mills Fitness Freak
my two are bigger now, toby was a skinny kitten, went missing for a year and came back large for a homeless cat at least, and hasnt got bigger than that. gizmo started out tiny, but hes only just gaining weight now, he looks better for it though. gizzy does eat double the amount toby gets, but thats becuase he eats tobys food sometimes too, leaving poor toby with an empty bowl :(


World Class Oddball
Cats are incredible creatures. I like the idea of you and your cat.

We like to think we're so much smarter than other animals, but I think they've got the right idea when it comes to life and we've got it all wrong.
I love this topic.

My cat Chloe is not overweight, yet I am. When I bought her, I promised myself I would not overfeed her, as I do myself and my boyfriend. I realised overfeeding is not love.

Cats do seem to be more in tune with their bodies, than humans. She only eats when she is hungry. I suspect if all I ate was dull cat biscuits, I would only eat when I was hungry. Afterall its hard to over eat on one type of food. New diet craze - cat biscuits?

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