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My CD Diary - Day 22

hello everyone. I am on day 4 of SS 100% and need to loose about 4 stones to reach my goal of 10 stones. I am going away to my holiday 28th of August. How much weight I can expect to loose by August considering that I am following it 100% and I walk a mile ( or more) everyday, drink green tea etc :))
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hiya,well i'm going away one week b4 you!
i have been on sole source 8 wks on wed and have lost 2 1/2 stone but was a big lass to start off with! are you moving up the plans b4 going away or doing plan whilst away?apart from first weeks big loss they say an average of one stone per month! good eh? good luck!
Hiya thanks and wow ...well done for 2 n a half stones, I,ll be over the moon if I lose that much. I plan to SS till the day I board the plane but not whilst on holiday, however, I plan to keep myself to no carbs and just chicken with green veg type of stuff..
U have done soo well, x


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hi i just wanted to ask if u want to do a 8 week challenge were we can help each other out and motivate each other.

im starting tommorow and want to lose alot before my boys birthday

what do u say
Hi Hun, totally, Lets do it...My start day was July the 1st and tomorrow will be my day 5.
Lets start 8 weeks challenge and commit to loose 2 and a half stones as looking at many threads, people have lost around 30lbs or more in 8 weeks..
Let the ball roll ..x


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi s_786, I lost 3 stones in 9 weeks doing SS+. So good luck, you can do it - and by the way you'll need a whole new set of clothes!! Have a great holiday!
Hi Bess.. The thing is, I was a comfy size 12. I have sooo many clothes size 12, infact all my clothes r size 12. I now am wearing size 14s as I put about 3 stones back in about 2 years. Out of all my jeans and work trousers which is so annoying. Now that I was getting tight in 14s, I refused to buy 16s and started back CD. I hope it works so I can wear my Miss sixty jeans again... :))
and wow, what an achievement, well done u.. x


Plod, plod, plod.....
Of course you'll get in to all your size 12's again. Pretty soon too I should think! Stick at it and it'll all be worth it. Distraction is the thing when you feel hungry and a drink of water. Just wait until after your 1st week's weigh in!!
Thanks, Cant wait for my first weigh in this wednesday. Hope I have a good loss to spur me on :)
Missusw U r welcome to join hun..we,ll post our weekly loss here. we can pledge aswell. lets say for first 4 weeks I pledge to loose atleast a stone.
hi all agian

this sounds great 8weeks and il do my best
day 5 went all fine for me. No hunger anymore. TOTM so I was in pain but over all it went fine. Thank God it was a sunday so I stayed in bed all day. Roll on day 6.
Ladies make sure to tell me ur WI results :) Mine is this wednesday !!
hi girls, i'll join you if that's ok? seven weeks till my hols, but only allowed to sole source for 4 more weeks then moving up plans ready for hols(not doing cambridge whilst away but won't go mad!!!) lol
my weigh day is tues, would like another stone off at least before i go! let's spur each other on, good luck all x


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I've been on cd for 7 weeks and I've lost 2 and a half stone - I'm on SS+!

Good luck all of you!
wow sunflower. what an achievement. I am v happy for you. Its a great news and a light in the tunnel for me.
Hiya lifetimeloser71. yes please join. you will be a stone lighter and more no doubt about that.
Day 6 for me today. went fine apart from poor water intake and killer Period pain but generally went fine. I am yet to have my 3rd pack. Not hungry at all.
I am very much motivated this time to get it over with.
Goodluck girls . please post here how your day has progressed. its always so good to know how others are getting on.. :) x


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Hello Ladies - your all doing Extremely well - more power to you!!

I'm on day 2 - could i possibly join your little quest. I have nothing planned as of yet but need to stick to it - i have 70 lbs (5 stone) to loose to get too 11 stone (dont think i was even BORN that light)
haha Tif, you are so funny...you will be 11 stones, just keep at it..
day 7 for me..
went well, still not enough water intake. I did however had some green tea and will drink another litre before i finally sleep tonight so fingers crossed..oh and cant wait for the first WI tomorrow. I shall update you guys


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Hey s 786 I'm having my wi today too! im on restart and this will theoretically be my first one - have 3 days left from last time so have started and then gone back to my CDC - i'm going to ask her if we can start from mondays weight that i weighed at home :) - will look better on my card!!

I've lost 7 lbs in 2 and a bit days!!

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