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My cdc??


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:wave_cry: HI everyone, i started cd last tues 10/07 and met my cdc for the first time. She was really nice however we had our appointment booked for 5.30pm i walked to her house which is about ten mins away but she wasn't in, her son said she was running late. She arrived home at 5.50 but i thought well we are all late sometimes so dismissed it. Tonight i had my first weight in at 5.40 but again she wasn't in i waited in the rain til 6 but no show so i rang her, she said she's been held up and could i rearrange for tomorrow, i have no shakes left so said it was'nt possible she reluctantly said for me to go back at 7, sorry to go on and on i just dont know what to do? should i try to find another cdc or am i being silly? i just think im paying alot for this diet so i want someone who is reliable? Thanks for any advise xx
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We can all be late due to unforeseen circumstances ..... traffic etc - and i have been myself unfortuneately. Do you feel both times were genuine or not??? If you do, and feel there is a rapport between you, give her the benefit of the doubt one more time. If not look around to see if there is someone else close to you and see how you get on with her.

As you say you can't go without shakes and you are paying for a service.


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I would certainly chat this over with your counsellor and say you really need her to be punctual and is this going to be a problem. If it is then you can always look elsewhere.



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I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect your CDC to be professional and on time. I would be inclined to give her one more try and if you're still not happy find another counsellor. You could try talking to her, maybe she genuinely had unforseen problems which unfortunately tied in with your visists.


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Could she not have brought the shakes to you since it was her problem that she missed the appointment? I'm not a CDC, but if I was, I don't think I would expect a client to come out to me again under the circumstances.
Could she not have brought the shakes to you since it was her problem that she missed the appointment? I'm not a CDC, but if I was, I don't think I would expect a client to come out to me again under the circumstances.
I agree
I think that is dreadful, she could at least have phoned you to let you know she was going to be late. I would talk to her about it and if it didnt improve i would look for a new cdc


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I've had a think and calmed down a bit:), i suppose im a little bit disappointed as i'd been counting down the hours til i got weighted!! Anyhow i'll have a chat with her and see what she says im a bit weak when it comes to confronting someone with my feelings :eek: I understand things happen we cant help i think even a phone call would of been better than nothing. Thanks again everyone x
i personally don't make appointments when time is that tight - give myself leeway to get home if i am coming in. I also take the clients phone numbers with me to call them if i am running late.

I also would make damn sure i didn't do it a) on someone's first time and b) twice in a row!

How apologetic was she? I would be very very apologetic and would have delivered the products to you. Same as if i make a mistake with an order i don't expect the client to come back to me to put it right - i'll deliver the product.

At the end of the day i try to be professional, i am running a business after all and would be really inconvenienced if my clients were always late without letting me know!
I completely understand your frustration as i has the same thing with my CDC. I confronted her about it politely and she never did it again. The last thing we need is someone else sabotaging our efforts!
Hope you resolve it and get the support you need!
S xxx


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Congratulations, I see from your updated ticker you have lost 9lbs, fantastic! :D Did you manage to sort anything out with your CDC?
SOme people are terrible time keepers but others do have unforeseen problems soemtimes, i would see the next few meetings which one she is and then decide, espiecially if you feel other than the time keeping she is good at supporting you ect. ANother thing i always recommend to my clients is to have a spare few packs so if either yourself or your cousellor has a problem you arent without diet.

Thanks julesrush, thats a good idea i'll buy some extra at my next weight in.
Hi Holycat, yes i went and she was very apologetic, so im giving her a chance and i'll see what happens at my next weight in (31/07). She is so close to my house and really nice it would be a shame for me to have to find a new cdc plus i was too happy with my first weeks weight loss to be annoyed at her time keeping!!


Just looking at the times you've posted - is she coming home straight from her day job? If so it might be worth scheduling a later appointment.

She should know, though, that if she is sometimes late getting home she shouldn't schedule clients at that time - and if she's so late that you have to go, I agree that she should be bringing your supplies to you if at all possible.


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well done on this weeks loss! hope shes doesnt let u down again...thats so rude!


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Yay congrats on your 9lb loss, thats ace!!!

Maybe seeing as you live so close to your cdc, perhaps on the evening you know you will be seeing her you could get her to call you once she gets in then you can nip round there, if she lets you know that she will be home between 5.30-6.30 but will call as soon as she gets in that may help?

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