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My confession ..... sowwy!


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Well tomorrow is the day - the day i become officially a working person, no more being classed as a student :cry:

I am very very upset about leaving this part of my life behind, i spent 4 years working for my degree, something i should have never got but luckily the uni admin clicked the wrong button and said yes when it shouldve been a no when it came to getting my place at uni (i didnt get very good a-levels).

Ok, it took me a year longer than most for my course as i had to repeat 1 module for a whole year :sigh: LOL but i got there.

Now usually at some sort of celebration i'd want to drink and eat but i made the decision to be back on TFR at the beg of sept and im sticking with it. So here is my confession; I did think about having the day off to be able to eat with my family as some are travelling down for my ceremony but then i realised i dont need the food, its about the company and who i spend this day with.

i've been in the kitchen since half 9 this morning and have made a cheese and tomatoe quiche, a bacon, ham and sausage quiche, a victoria sponge and 18!!!! chocolate chip muffins. ---- I dont wana eat that and jeopardise myself this week, noooo wayyy!! My family can eat it and put on the weight im guna lose!! :giggle:

Expect lots of pics tomorrow evening at some point of me looking silly in the traditional graduation atire :p

So my confession isnt really a bad one, just that i contemplated eating tomorrow but have decided against it - i cant believe i even contemplated it but hey ho we are not all perfect all of the time! :giggle:
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well done hun.
it would be so easy to slip up at something worth celebrating.
well done on all the cooking and resisting all that lovely sounding food.
have a great time.
look forward to pics x
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Contemplation is ok! Completing the contemplation is a different story and definitely deserves one of your ass whoopings! :whoopass:

Aww hope you have a lovely day and your family really enjoys all your gorgeous food you made. Haha at them putting on the weight you'll loss! You're evil, but I like it!

Nevermind how you got your degree, you still got it! That's a huge achievement in itself and you must be so proud. The world's now your oyster and with your new sexy body you'll be conquering alsorts!

Can't wait for your pics!
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Confession, Schmonfession - don't be daft girl!!

Celebrate your wonderful graduation, it's a fantastic achievement and you are quite right - it's about the day and what it means, not about having a meal.

Well ruddy done you for achieving your study goal - your weight loss goal is very close too :)


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Theres nothing wrong with contemplation tanya! Afterall youve studied 4 long years to get your degree and it is very much an event worth celebrating! Good for you on sticking to TFR through the day though, and you can always have a delayed celebration when you have got to goal!

I kind of know how you feel as Im back at uni now and have attended several freshers events already and have even contemplated refeeding before then so I could drink BUT I decided to stick to tfr with being so close to goal- it really is possible to go out with your friends and not need food or drink, my freshers (as in drinking) will be delayed but like you I regard reaching my goal far more important than getting off my trolley :D Hopefully not much longer for me now- sept 29th is my weigh in (ive waited a month!) and should be at goal :)

Have a fab day- you deserve it and i bet you'll look gorge in your photos! xx
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So let me get this right...you're confessing to thinking of eating? WOMAN! lol

If I confessed to every time I thought about eating or cheating I'd get banned off the forum! lol

I understand why you feel the need to purge yourself though, it was dangerous thinking but you quite wisely decided against it and you'll continue to do brilliantly. Good woman for deciding to stick with what's best for you!


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Ahhh i just felt so guilty about even thinking about eating!!! LOL
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Congratulations hun!!

DOUBLE cngratulations hun!!!!

Enjoy the day with your family- and like you say it's the company and not the food that matters.


irish molly

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A lesser woman would well have caved in but you are made of stronger stuff. Have a lovely day, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Your family will be proud of both your beauty and your brains.


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ah thanks molly!

Oh god guys - today is here!! I hardly slept a wink last night!!

I feel very very sad and nervous but also excited and happy - i am a complete mix of emotions today! :( :)

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