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My consultant didn't turn up!


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Just after some advice really. Turned up to my meeting last week and there were no chairs out etc, thought it was a bit strange and it turns out the consultant had gone on holiday without telling any of the members.
She'd left the scales with someone else and the shop so they could do that, but there was no actual meeting. A few of us were really annoyed as we paid good money! Should I write a complaint to SW about it or just let it off? If she'd have txt/emailed us just to let us know that would have been different but to just not turn up, or arrange cover, is just rude!!

Rant over!!

On another point, I can't find the Syns for my Sainsburys Paella; its a fresh one but the only one it has online is Taste the Difference and its not that one...hmm! I then went to work it out through the calculator but it has more than one free food in it so isnt a true reading - Im confuzzled!
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I would complain... they should have at least had the manners to pre-warn you that they be away.. our always tells us :) i would be narked if that happened to me


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i would complain! i think thats disgusting when you pay good money for your class.and aside from it being disgusting its also very rude!!!


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That doesn't seem very professional to me.

Our C went on her holiday and arranged for cover. She did tell us few weeks in advance of her trip so we knew that would be the case.

I would mention it during class as kind of a conversational type thing "did you have a good holiday I didn't know you were going away" and see what her response is and then decide whether to complain or not.

It maybe that it was one of those last minute deals to leave in 24 hours.

I would personally give her a chance to explain before making it official.

Has she been a good C prior to this?
I wouldnt write to SW in the first instance, I would talk to your Consultant. Seems a bit harsh to go over her head without talking to her about it first. They have to arrange their own cover for holidays and stuff, so the consultant that came and didn't give you what you paid for is at fault, and I would address it with your consultant "you know that week you were away..."


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I would complain, there is no problem with the consultants having a break every one deserves one! But she/he should at least have the decency to tell you!

That is the sort of thing that could send someone completly off the rails, some people rely on image therapy to get them through each week!

If you dont want to go down the route of an official complaint I would at least have a word with your consultant to say how unhappy you are about this.
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Our consultant has everyone's tele/mobile number and email address so even if it was a last minute deal she would be able to let us all know. I would challenge her over it, see what her reaction / explaination is and then decide if you are happy with the response before writing to head office. If she hadn't bothered to arrange for someone to take the class over then I think you are right to write to head office, if she had arranged cover and that person didn't turn up then its down to the consultant to take that up. But like you I would be pretty p'd off!
OhI would have been really mad
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I was going to say maybe it was a family emergency like someone taken ill suddenly. But if she had time to talk to the person who was meant to offer you the scales, then she did get some planning time...
The consultant does have to arrange cover but doesn't have to actually tell you they are going to be there.
You should have had a proper class in my opinion so I would have a word with your consultant in the first instance, before "officially" complaining.

If you do complain to SW then I'm not sure what would happen anyway. They'd no doubt "have a word" with her but I doubt anything more would come of it and then you'd just have a grumpy consultant at your class!


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i complained to SW regarding an incident and they have said that they are refunding me my weeks money. but only because the Consultant had the scales out but refused to weigh me as i was a bit late. mind you i am still waiting for it to be issued, they keep telling me that it has been, but i havent had a free week as yet.
The consultant does have to arrange cover but doesn't have to actually tell you they are going to be there.
You should have had a proper class in my opinion so I would have a word with your consultant in the first instance, before "officially" complaining.
I wasnt sure whether or not to say this but that is the case, as I understand it. It is because people would go "oh well I wont bother going this week coz they wont be there" and thats a fast-track to not going back at all.
Quite true MLM. If the consultant says there is going to be a stand in, the amount who don't turn up is quite astounding. I can fully understand why consultants don't say anything.
It makes no difference to me, a change is as good as a rest!
I would not make any official complaint unless I was absolutely sure of the facts.

Ask your consultant what happened. If she arranged for another consultant to cover (was the person who turned up a consultant?) then she followed the correct procedure. If not, you can ask why.


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My consultant was away today, and did arrange cover, but it was such shambles, it has certainly not put me in the right frame of mind to face the week. No notice would have driven me nuts - i would rather they just gave you a free week off in advance if that was the only option.


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i turned up to class last night and there was no-one there, complete darkness. but also no brownies who are usually in the room next door.
i went to a nearby group and was told that i was the 4th person from my group who'd done the same.

i spoke to the C from the new group who said she wasn't sure what was happening with a new C for my group (my old C left at the end of august and we've had a stand in)

i never stayed to group last week but surely a notice that class wouldn't be happening wouldn't have been left till the end ??

not sure what to do, the new class seemed nice and its far more convenient for me but if we're going to be stuck with temp C's for ages it doesn't look good :sigh:

think i'll go to my usual group next week (if its there and see what happened)

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