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my consultant is leaving


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God, I'd be gutted. Think I'd just go back to doing it from home, actually. Who is it you hope'll take over?
I rejoined Sw in January but went to a different class to the one I had previously been to. I believe the reason I have done so well and am still going to class 7 months later is definitely my consultant she is really nice and good, she aprroaches you like a human being. MY previous one talked to you like you were a robot. I would hate it if my consultant left.
My consultant left & we had 2 replacements who shared the group. Personally I don't think it works as well like that as they both are different & do things slightly different. Also when its somebody new the next week after chatting to the other one, things are forgotton about, like mini targets till the other c returns.

Hope your new c is just as good as the one leaving.

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