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My 'counsellor' hasnt turned up


I WILL be thin!!
I've been excited about starting CD and arranged for a counsellor to come and see me today so I could start tomorrow and she has not turned up and isn't answering her calls :( I'm so fed up and now I have to try and find another counsellor and goodness knows when I will be starting CD. If she couldnt make it, why couldnt she just tell me?! She has my home and mobile numbers, plus my address. Some CD counsellor she turned out to be! :mad:
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Sorry to hear that ... hoping she may have an explanation ... maybe till you have the cd products you can start by carb reducing this is a good way to ease you into cd ... ?
There maybe a genuine reason she couldn't call you or make it to see you hun. I would leave a message on her answer phone and see if she got back to me in the next day or two. I would look for another councellor as well as I know how frustrating it can be wanting to start and not being able to.
Hope you get it sorted soon hun.
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Yes you could be using the time to ring around and speak to some other CDCs. She may have a genuine reason though.

Don't be too disappointed

Irene xx


I WILL be thin!!
Right, I've rang round other counsellors and managed to find one who can come and see me on Wednesday. SoI guess I will be starting on Thursday instead. Better than not, I suppose.
Thats poor, just not turning up or contacting you. I'd say they are lucky if you dont report them to Cambridge. Maybe its my business side rubbing off but anything short of a tradgedy is not an excuse. Done you a favour really, better to find they are unreliable now than later. :)


I WILL be thin!!
Badger, I probably will report them. I'm so disappointed that I cant start tomorrow. I've contacted all 4 counsellors in my area and only the lady furthest away from me, by at least an hour's drive, has offered to help. So no, Im not inspired right now!


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Try to low carb until Thursday then which will make the transition easier. I know it is dis heartening when you were all geared up but it's only a couple of days.
That is very unprofessional and I am inclined to agree with Badger, anything less than a tragedy is not a good reason. It takes 2 seconds to call someone and explain x


WILL be Slim!
even just a text would be more proffessional than just not bothering!
I think thats awful hun!
Did the others say they couldnt see you at all or just that you have to wait longer?
The longer wait might be worthwhile for the right CDC...and going no/low carb is def the way forward between now and then.....you will probably find you start losing weight now as well so your time isnt wasted!


I WILL be thin!!
Ok, so can someone point me in the right direction of low carbs (never done it before) to get me started.


This is the last time!!
Low carbs - cut down/out the following:
Bread, potatoes, pasta....that kind of thing!


I WILL be thin!!
Well, the 'counsellor' who didnt show up, did apparently. But at my neighbours' house! So she's on her way round now and I will have to cancel the other lady who is coming on Wednesday. BUT at least I can start tomorrow....woohoo!!!
Well, the 'counsellor' who didnt show up, did apparently. But at my neighbours' house! So she's on her way round now and I will have to cancel the other lady who is coming on Wednesday. BUT at least I can start tomorrow....woohoo!!!
Told you there would be a good reason hun!;) If you're still with her at Christmas you might want to buy her a satnav though!:D


WILL be Slim!
thank goodness!!! Thats good news hun!
Good luck with the start of your journey hun


Great news and at least you know she did come now!

Look forward to seeing you more on these boards and seeing less of you in weight. ;)


I WILL be thin!!
Alls well that ends well. I have my week's supply. I admit I'm dreading the first few days but I will get there. She didnt have a shaker (gets them on Tuesday) so I have some cartons to tide me over for work. I hate drinking water but pleased to know black coffee (which I drink anyway) counts towards that. My weigh-in was horrendous so I will have to work hard to lose what I want :(
Looking forward to being here more often.

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