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my cry for help.


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Hi All

I am hoping someone can give me some advice and support.

I have recently put on 2 stone 7lbs since christmas (was 9 stone 1lb now 11 stone 8lbs) Because of stress and things in my life not going very well, so have been comfort eating non stop. Today someone pointed out to me that I have put on weight and look unattractive and that i look like a complete mess which has now set my depression off and i feel really low, lower than what i have felt in ages. I know i have to do something about it before it get out of hand but i dont seem to have any motivation and i don't know where to start. I would have liked to go back on the cambridge diet but i can't afford to do this.. then i was going to join tesco diets but when i came to sign up i had to pay a membership which i can't afford as i am in loads of debt. i have decided to maybe only eat salads from now on or maybe make up an eating plan of my own but again don't know where to start.

could anyone offer me any advice on how to get started and what i should and should not eat please as i am low and just feel like crying. i am at the point now where i just dont know where to turn for support and help (which dont cost money) as at the moment money is a very big issue. i am a stay at home mum and dont have to feed my family on a budget as it is.
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I cant believe someone could be so cruel as to say that to you *HUGS*

Firstly, eating salads ISNT the way to go. If you want a healthy eatin plan Id recommend WW/SW or calorie counting. Calorie counting you can do on your own. WW you can easily do without the expense of classes, just invest in a calculator and in time a Shopping Guide and Eating Out book and use the resources on here. I believe SW can also be done without classes.

Youd be much better trying a structured plan than making up your own.

What ever route you choose, youll get loads of help and support on here to keep you motivated *HUGS*


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the funny thing is that when i weighed 9stone 1lb, people where telling me i had lost too much and i looked awful. so really nothing i do will give me the happy medium thing... if you know what i mean.
Hi Nessa your obviously feeling very down and I cannot understand why someone would say to you that you are not attractive, what gives them the right to judge you like that it makes me mad....:copon:....first of all you need to speak to someone about your debt...with the credit crunch it is affecting everyone and there are places that can give you free advice on how to cope and get you sorted....this will then have a knock on affect on your comfort eating. You will finally be able to see the wood for the trees and be able to follow a good healthy plan like slimming world where you can fit it in around your family. You dont have to go to all the classes you can just enrol to find out how it is done and then try it at home with support from here as you are struggling with money etc.....but above all take no notice of the so called people who say you were too thin or now to unattractive tell them to go look in a mirror...xx


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if its upsetting you that much, dont be sad, you shouldnt let people in your life get to you :hug99:

you only get once life, and you shouldnt spend it being upset :0icanfly:

if you really need some support and help then pm me and i will give you my email address, you can weigh in for me if you like, i can do you an eating plan and maybe an exercise plan if you need one :bliss:

if your calorie counting then food focus is a good site to join, its free and gives you all the calorie values of all foods :happy036:

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