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My CS Diary

Right i've decided to keep a diary of my eating habits and how im finding it because with all your support i hope i can lose the weight!

I started the CS on wed 4th march after been recomended through people i know.
I didnt order the starter pack because Iv heard people dont normally like the special bars or soups and plus it worked out cheaper buying to boxes of shakes, a flask and the programme guide. I decided on the chocolate and strawberry flavoured shakes as i thought they would be the most tasty.

On day 1 I ate:

Chocolate shake
Strawberry shake
Omellete made from 2 eggs, some bacon (i even took the fat off!), tomatoes, mushrooms, onion and some pepper
Then i had a strawberry mullerice ( I dont think this was the best idea i was just so hungry):sigh:
One can of diet pepsi since i dont drink tea or coffee

Then on day two 05/03/2007 i had:
Strawberry shake
slice of turkey
Chocolate shake
Heinz spring vegetable soup
One can of diet pepsi

I felt better than day one as i hadnt had any crappy foods but i was disappointed i hadnt drank my reccommended 2Litres of water.:)

Day 3 06/03

well so far i have had
strawberry shake
bits of chicken(picking because i cooked one for the rest of the family last night)
chocolate shake
breadbun(with chicken and a tiny bit of garlic mayo)

Iv decided because of the breadbun i wont have anything else today but i have drank over my necessary 2L's of water as iv been adding just a little robisons sugar free dilute juice to it.

Im still feeling quite hungry and feeling tired but hopefully it'll pass and ill be sensible for the rest of the day :D
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Keep up the good work and you will soon reap the rewards - I have my first official weigh in tomorrow (at home) but I have been weighing myself each day and can see I have lost a decent amount.

PS - banana shakes have been my favourites so far but I haven't had one yet I haven't liked.
had a quick mid week weigh in....so far iv lost 4 1/2 pounds =]
day 4

starwberry shake
choc shake
chicken, gravy and loads of steam veg. I was bloody hard without mash because its one of my fav foods but i stook to my guns.

however i didnot drink all my necessary amount of water.
*wags finger sternly*

You must drink all your water!! When I was doing LL I was told this is what stops you getting constipated (I am terrified of being constipated!)
day 5:

lovely yummy apple
strawberry shake
a bit of my sons hamburger =[ (but it was only a small one and i dint have any chips)
choccy shake
and a bit if chicken and veggie stir fry it was so yummy =]

day six
well today i have been super sensible as its weigh in day in 1 day!
iv had a strawberry shake
a choccy shake
heinz veg soup

feeling alot more positive today people at work said they can notice a difference. i think thats what makes it sink in that it actually working. i felt a bit down a few days ago but back to my new posotive self and have just ordered another two weeks worth of shakes!!!!
Having people notice at work is the best feeling!

Even having family notice!

Just keep up the good work! The guide does say if you stick to it 95% of the time... every girl needs that 5% for naughtiness somewhere!

:D :D

i definatley agree. im going to treat myself to some bars. my sweet tooth is driving me crazy!
im not really a meat person or vegetable either. but im trying new things on here...do you rekon recipies from the low carb section would be ok to use. i really fancy some ribs!
I think you would be okay with recipes from the low carb board - ribs sound deeeeeelish! Let me know how you get on with them. I fancied buying some ready made ones t'other day when I went shopping but they were quite high in carbs..
PS - what's your username all about? What is the story behind it?
my username is like that because my real names kelly but i get called kels. and my weightloss journey is all about trying to get back to my old self, increase my confidence again etc. so basically i want to be me again!
right i havent updated my menus for a few days so.....

day 7
strawberry shake
choccy shake
heinz veg soup

and 5 Litres of water for some reason( iv never gone to the loo so many times)

day 8:
atkins bar
choc shake
chicken in a lil bit of garlic mayo, salad consisting of peppers, onion and eggs =]
I havent update for a fare few days. On saturday night i was a very naughty girl i had a mushroom parmo and chips which is like 2000 kcals ooooops.

Iv been really good sunday and today iv drank like 10 litres of water trying to flush it out of my system!

It was sooo yummy but on sunday i felt crap and ill! lesson learnt just hope it doesnt affect my way in on wed too much.
Well this week is the end of my second and the beggining of my third. Im not finding the diet hard but my lack of will power is starting to take effect.:(

I have cut down my beloved shakes to just one a day but I have replaced my second shake with an atkins meal replacement bar...Im a bit put off by the cost, I know its not as expensive as other diets but Its still sorta pricey.

I have been good this week or at least I think I have. For breakfast I have been eating either an atkins bars (Im an total idiot and went and bought the 60g ones instead of the 37g cost me a small fortune:cry:). When Im at work for lunch I have been taking some salad with some sort of meat in ( I have a teaspoon of garlic mayonaise with it as i cant eat plain salad....good thing about that is my bloody boss leaves me alone all afternoon she cant stand the smell of garlic (i could take some chewing gum but that wouldnt net me a bit of peace and quiet ;))

Its thursday now but i have managed to totally avoid carbs apart from the ones in my bars and shakes!

Earlier in the week i was really starting to lapse so I have a new motto "plan ahead" I have bought a load of lamb chops, chicken and beef mince (extra lean of course) and loads of stir fry stuff! I even cooked the mince and made a sauce (stolen from the CS website) and froze them in individual portions so i can just heat them up and to just generally make life easier for myself.:p

On wednesday I was supposed to have my second weigh in but i missed it, Im the sort of person and know Im not alone who gets addicted to the scales so Its going to be a weigh in every two weeks now so the losses should seem bigger. Well too my head anyway so hopefully should spur me on more!

Anyhow have rambelled on a bit much now just need to get my arse in gear and do a bit of exercise ( I just hate been out in public doing it i feel like a whale) so im gonna do my wii fit instead for half an hour wich is half an hour i didnt do before!!

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