My CS weight loss - 2st 4lb :)

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    January 2011 I started my own diary, I was 11 stone 13lb and at 5ft 4 I felt over weight. I only managed to up-date for around 3 wks and kind of gave up on both the diet and the diary (I was constantly obsessing over food).

    Then in Febuary I had an idea, stop stressing about food!.
    I swapped breakfast and dinner for a CS shake and ate whatever I wanted for dinner, but have a slightly smaller portion (same size portion as my 15yr old size 8 dd, not my 18 stone OH!).
    Also I quit drinking any alcohol for 6 months.

    I stopped weighing myself every week, and just checked my weight monthly.
    By february 2012 I weighed bang on 9st!

    I now weigh 8st 9lb, and am very happy this weight, and seem to be maintaining this quite easily.

    My main tips are dont skip meals (have a shake instead), watch your portion sizes, and cut out alcohol.
    I have lost 2st 4lb in the last 15months! I can hardly believe it myself, I feel amazing:D
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    Trying to weigh up herbalife vs cs - glad to hear this plan worked for you!
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    Well done sounds good and encouraging. I hope to lose the same amount as you. First target 1 stone and then 2 stone. Started yesterday :)

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