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My Daddy's went to Heaven

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by vicky82, 22 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Most of you know Dad was ill with cancer and that it had spread to his brain within the past 2 weeks. Then it spread to his bowel and tummy. From Wednesday he was heavily drugged into a false coma to control the pain so we could keep him at home where he wanted to be.
    He passed away on Saturday morning at 2.45am.
    Before he died I was crying for days because he was in such pain and I didnt want to see him suffer, now hes gone and not sore im only crying for myself. We prayed a millions times a day for god to take him away from the suffering and he granted us our wish that it was quick and he was not going to be in any pain now.

    Thanks for all your lovely messages over the past few weeks
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Oh vicky sorry to hear your news

    Thinking of you and your family

  4. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Sorry to hear about your awful loss doll. Thinking of you and your family xxx
  5. ang

    ang Full Member

    thinking of you hun xx
  6. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    So sorry to hear about your dad Vicky I cant imagine how you must be feeling. You take care of your self honey thinking of you and your family xxx
  7. Doughnut

    Doughnut Full Member

    My thoughts are with you. I lost my Dad over two years ago - I'm here if you need to talk.
  8. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    So sorry to read your very sad news. My thoughts are with you.
  9. nadhak


    I am so sorry for you and your family _ God Bless your daddy in Heaven x
  10. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Thinking of you, so sad to hear of your loss xxx
  11. MissTango

    MissTango Full Member

    sorry to hear your sad news :(
    I hope you are ok xxxx
  12. willkat

    willkat Full Member

    So sorry to hear about your loss.My thoughts are with you and you family
  13. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    So sorry for your loss hun, he is at peace now and in no more pain x
  14. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family xx
  15. tenbars

    tenbars Full Member

    I am really sorry to hear your news. I fully appreciate what you are saying about wanting pain to stop as I lost my mum in November to stomach cancer. I wish there was something I could say or do to make it easier for you. My thoughts really are with you and your family and please shout if there is anything you need x
  16. skinnymonkey1day

    skinnymonkey1day Silver Member

    sorry to hear of your loss .. he is now at peace, take care xxxx
  17. Louise24

    Louise24 Gold Member

    So sorry to read this hun, at least he's not in pain anymore. My thoughts are with you and your family, we're all here if you need us. x
  18. Elz

    Elz Full Member

    Make sure you have lots of support around you! Lots of love xxx
  19. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and yours xx
  20. rolo

    rolo Full Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll be thinking of you.

    Roz x
  21. Irene

    Irene Silver Member

    Hi Hun
    So sorry to hear of your loss.
    Lost my dad 2 years ago so sort of know how you are feeling.
    If you need to chat I am here for you.
    Thinking of you and your family.

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