My Damage (Xmas/NY)...


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and I only put on 1lb! :D I was very pleased with that considering I've been away at in laws for 2 weeks and haven't been weighed for 3! I attribute it to getting straight back on the plan when we got back home.

Am aiming for my 4st award next week - just have to lose 1.5 to get it. C'mon!!!!!
Good Luck and Well Done! x
brilliant u must be in the right frame of mind to avoid damage! Well done you!
Well done for the small gain! I piled on 5lbs!
Well done... stay on plan 100% and you'll get your 1.5lb off no problems! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
Your weight loss is brilliant and well done with your efforts over the festive season, you're an inspiration.

i put on half a pound too and am really pleased with myself XXX well done hon will be routing for you make sure you put a post up so we can all congratulate you four stones is ace XXXX
Well done thats fantastic!! :)