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My brave little girl spent 2hours in the hospital last night after fracturing both bones in her lower arm. She hardly cried and was so brave.

She was bouncing on her trampoline which does have an enclosure, but was on there dancing with my 13 yr old sister and playing and they fell over together and my baby fractured her arm. I think I cried yesterday evening more than she did!

We have a fracture review on Wednesday back at the hospital,and they told me there is a possibility that she may need surgery as her bones are not aligned properly but wanted to give her until wed to she if they do on their own.

I'm praying that she doesn't need surgery, to be given a general and have pins in her arm! She is only 3 and is so active and all that has to stop now, no more ballet, gymnastics, playing in the park and playgroup, swimming! I don't want her to have scars.

I keep thinking is it my fault that I let her and my 13 yr sister to play on the trampoline together? I know my sister was extremely upset at the thought of hurt her.

Thanks for reading guys, hope everyone is doing and feeling well, as far as my baby bump goes she is very active at the moment. x
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Oh bless you and your DD (and your little sister). I hope that its good news on weds and that the bones are in a better position. Don't blame yourself these things unfortunately happen no matter what we do to try and prevent them, she could just as easily fallen off a swing or a slide etc.
My baby sister who was then about 13, was chasing my eldest DS who was 2 up the stairs, she lost her footing and fell on top of him, he hit his mouth on the stairs. He ended up with stitches in his top lip and his 2 front teeth had to be removed as they had gone up into the bone, she felt terrible but I didn't blame her it was an accident, he has lovely teeth now and we say its all down to her as they were a bit sticky outy before LOL.
I know how you feel about the GA too as the same son had a hernia op aswell as the tooth removal under GA and it is not a nice thing for a parent to go through, he has to have another next week as he needs an op on his toes and I won't feel any less worried and he is nearly 14.
BUT children are very resilient you will find all of this more stressful than your DD she won't even remember it when she is older :rolleyes: So take care of yourself too and I will be keeping everything crossed for good news for you on Weds. And a nice toy she has had her eye on will def make her feel better if she is feeling a bit sore bless her, Take care Jo
Aww sorry to hear about your little one, but as Jo said, it could have happened at any time. Hopefully with being so young and the flexibility of her bones they'll realign by themselves. Obviously surgery is never nice but I'm sure if she ends up in plaster (if she isn't already), she'll be chuffed once she starts getting a few people writing messages on her cast (I know I was when I had one at 7, pretty much same injury except I did it jumping the high jump into a sandpit at school sports).

Fingers crossed though that she doesn't need the surgery.


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Accidents happen I guess.
Your poor ds jo, that must have really hurt him, but anything for lovely teeth hey! lol

She seems to be getting on fine with the half cast and sling so far. She's a bit restless at night and the only time she says her arm hurts is first thing in the morning, possible because the calpol has worn off by then. Hopefully tomorrow we will walk out the hospital with a bright pink full cast and no operation!

Tried researching the break but not much infor for pediatric both bone forearm fracture, so will just have to wait and see now what they say tomorrow.

The only reasons why I'm concerned about an GA is that last winter she suffered with chest infection after chest infection for months and was very poorly with it, and also my husband doesn't respond well to GA and when he had an op ( before we were together) he had a ruff ride on the op table because of it.

My mum and sister brought her up a present yesterday, and even though I know it was an accident, I was not off with my sister at all on the outside but inside I can't help but be annoyed with her. The amount of times i've told her to calm down when on the trampoline with dd. I feel bad about this but i know it's not going to get out of hand, I've given her hugs and kisses told her it's not her fault accidents happen.
It could have easily been me or dh on there with her.

Thanks for the support ladies and the kind words, you always have good advice. x


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We left the hospital yesterday with a pink cast on, and no surgery!

But we have to go back next week for another x-ray to ensure the muscles haven't pulled the bone out of position, if it has they I think they will put her under to do manual manipulation of the bone, so no scars or plates, really happy with that.

So hopefully it will stay where it should and she won't need a GA.
Ditto what Sarah said ;) Such a relief for you, I bet your DD is made up with her pink plaster cast.


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Yeah, so glad there is no surgery, as in pins and stuff, just hope the x-ray next week is positive too!

She loves her pink cast, the lady showed her ll the colors she could have and I new she would go with pink!
Loves ruff and tumble with her dad but is a Barbie girl at heart I think! lol