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My decision is made :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Been toying with this idea for a few days and i've finally made my decision;

I am refeeding in 8 weeks!
I've 27lbs to lose so if i am the 'average' woman i should have reached my goal weight of 11st!

If not, so be it i shall lose the rest on refeed and the 'conventional' way :)

Reason being; i'm going to see Lilly Allen in concert on the 21st nov, want a couple vodkas and i dont think i could handle much more on tfr. This also gives me a coulpe weeks to refeed and try to get to grips with healthy eating in time for crimbo. I know a couple of choccies are guna sneak in and i will be prepared for that but so be it - i will conquer it this time. I will, I will, I will!! :)

Just thought id let ya all know :giggle: as you are like my 2nd family on here :) :family2::grouphugg:
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ah hun you have lost an incredible amount of weight. its amazing you shud be so proud of yourself. you sound like you've made up ur mind so good luck 8 weeks is loads of time to get yourself into a healthy eating state of mind an having more time til christmas to get your eating patterns sorted will help. good luck in the next 8 weeks and like you said if you dont loose all your weight maintenance and healthy eating wil bring you down more.
sounds like a plan hun x

you need to go the healthy eating route eventually so doing it sooner rather than later may be a good thing.
fingers crossed you get to your goal before refeed x
You'll have well reached your goal by then Tanya Jane. It sounds like a brilliant plan and you'll be one hot lady on Christmas day. You are a total inspiration. Reading about how great you feel and how LT has changed your life spurs me on so much. You definitely WILL conquer this time as your head is in such a good place.

I'd love to go see Lily. Vodka is a must, I envy you. I heart vodka, I bet Mr Smirnoff misses me so much.
good plan hun, ive been thinking about how many more weeks im gona do but gona wait and see how the next couple go before deciding.
good luck hun, sure ull be at goal soon

x x
Good idea, I'm not sure if I could do Lily Allen sober either, haha ;-)

But, it's great to have a plan in place! & I think giving yourself some time before Christmas to get your head around eating is a good idea, am hoping to have my eating somewhere near normal (hmm) by Christmas!

Good luck with reaching your goal :)



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ahh thanks guys - i feel alot happier that i have now set a date i think this may have been the reason i was getting so down lately - i like things organised and planned, all dates set out, silly really that i didnt in the first place and silly for me thinking i could just plod along and go with the flow ... completly not me! :giggle:

Cant wait for Lilly Allen! We've got standing too so guna need a few to get me dancing etc! :giggle:

I hope i reach my goal too but im not guna be to hard on myself if i dont. I will get there and i may only be a couple of pounds out :)

And i totally think its sensible of me to allow as much time as poss before a big occasion like christmas. Last time i allowed myself just 1 week refeed then 3days normal eating then trotted off to an all inclusive holiday - not a very good idea at all! :p xxx
Hey babe,

less than 2 stone to go!! How exciting!

I think it's really good that you've got an 'end' in sight. It will give you something to look forward to and help keep you motivated for the next 8 weeks. YEY!!!!

great stuff!! best of luck for the next 8 weeks (as if you need it but have it all the same!!) i'm refeeding in 10 weeks so i'll be eyeing your refeed - essentially to create my shopping list!

i feel loads better having a date in mind to work towards - makes everything seem much more exciting where as before i was just thinking, well as long as it takes! and with how quick the weeks go on LT you'll be there before you know it! oh and i'll be right behind ya! xxx


A little of everything!
Ohhh scary biscuits Ladies!!! The countdown has begun then? It'll fly by- you both have done amazingly well, I know you'll sail through re-feed & begin your maintenence journey's with determination, and there'll be a few others over there by then (myself included!) so we can hog the re-feed/maintenence boards again! LOL!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hmmmm..... i might actually refeed in 4 weeks time. Hopefully i will be within 1st of goal by then. Im just all confused right now!!! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL

I shall see how i feel! I want to get back to eating asap so i can 'learn' and give myself lots of time before xmas. I shall just play it by erea as to whether to refeed in 4 weeks, if not then its defo still 7 weeks time :D :D :D

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