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My Diary - 2013

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Dubchick81, 4 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Hi there,
    So, after 2 years (to the day!) of Weight Watchers and 31Lb down, I've decided to shake things up a bit and come over to the dark side... I've love every minute of Weight Watchers and I've not stopped losing, but I've become too "used" to it and want something new to keep me entertained and interested in getting to a healthy weight.. I have exactly 1 stone to lose to get to the hi end of a "healthy BMI" so my first aim, altho I'll take it a pound at a time, is to lose a stone.. If/when I get there i'll see how comfortable I feel and decided if I want to lose more.. At the moment I feel like I'll need to drop more than a stone to feel comfortable but who knows... I'll see when I get there...

    There's no class near me until next Thursday but I don't want to wait til then to start so I'm going it alone for now so will be trawling this site no doubt and throwing questions out left, right and centre until I can get to class and get my books..

    So here goes... I'll post my food diary on here the each morning for the day before.. So tomoro morning I'll post todays intake.. Wish me luck :D
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  3. Baby-belle

    Baby-belle Gold Member

  4. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  5. Baby-belle

    Baby-belle Gold Member

    When are you starting? I joined online if your joining online reference me!
  6. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    hello again :)
  7. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Well the meetings in my area are on Thursday so my official SW weigh in will be then.. But am starting the plan tomoro.. Would start today but my friends brother is bringing her old books to me tomoro when he pops over.. Altho.. I could start today and just write up here what I've had and you (not you personally but ppl on here) can tell me if i'm good, bad or inbetween??

    So far today I've had...

    Pre-Brekkie: Slice melon
    Brekkie: 45g Porridge made on water with a splash of slimline milk and some canderel
    Snacks: 2 small apples
    Lunch: (Will have shortly, is quite naughty but was planned on WW basis) Brennans best of both bread, 2 slices. Slice white cheddar cheese and half slice of thick cut deli ham. White onion. Tomato. Cucumber. Green tea with Vanilla extract.
    Dinner: (Will be) Honey mustard chicken with SW chips and mixed veg (Chicken is homemade with fillet of chicken, honey, light soy sauce and mustard, 2 teaspoons of each)
  8. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  9. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Here to follow :) xxx
  10. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    Happy new year to you too, hope you had a good one. i started slimming world before christmas lost 3.5 lbs in my first weigh in but didnt follow over xmas! woops :( but am back on track now. I much prefer it to weight watchers, i know that sounds bad coz i was on ww for so long but slimming world is so much more livable for me :) x
  11. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Helloooooo here to be nosey:)
  12. Baby-belle

    Baby-belle Gold Member

    That sounds great hun can be sw friendly to
  13. Baby-belle

    Baby-belle Gold Member

    I find it the same and I'm much more healthy on sw
  14. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Very welcome :)
    I think most took a little diet break for the Christmas period.. Main thing is being back on track now, and you are.. So well done :)
    Am glad to hear you're preferring this after being on WW so long.. I'm the same.. I started on WW Jan 2011 and been doing it since.. Little blips here n there but not long ones n never really gave up.. So wanting to shake things up a little and looking forward to the new experience :)
    Very welcome hunnie :)
    So where would I have used syns in that then? Or what am I allowed n not allowed?
    PS.. Sandwich didn't have butter as i only use it now on toast n really dry filling sandwiches.. Unnecassary calories ;)
    Also my sandwich didn't end up having tomato, cucumber or onion coz I was too lazy to cut it when I got back to the office (had to pop out to have my fringe cut as I was looking like a shaggy dog it was so long)

    Another Q (til I get me books) How do I work out syn values and am I right thinking i'm allowed between 5 n 15 per day??
  15. Tracy831

    Tracy831 HERE I GO AGAIN !!!!!!!

    Hello !!!!!!!! :)
  16. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  17. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member


    here to follow xx
  18. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    Have you got the books ?

    If your doing extra easy then you get one hex a and one hexb so you could have the porridge as you a and milk as the b but you would have to syn your lunch? or the other way round... and the honey on your chicken
  19. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Hi hunnie.. Very welcome :)
    How you getting on?
    Was researching Slim & Save this morning.. I can order to Ireland from the UK site so its an option I might try should this not suit.. Some of the meals sound yum... :) But after reading up on VLCD's I've discovered they aren't really recommneded unless you have minimum 3 stone to lose to get to a healthy weight/BMI.. I've 1 stone til I reach the high end of a healthy BMI so I'll try this first... Also said to see your GP before starting a VLCD to check your health is up to such a low cal intake and I don't fancy paying €50 for that... (yes I am greedy lol)
  20. oreo

    oreo New Member

    Good luck! I'm going to start doing the plan at home by myself - waiting for my books to arrive but I read up the basics on google so that I can sort of start today as well! Your plan for today looks good, you would just need to count the bread and cheese as healthy extras but I believe the bread needs to be wholemeal and the cheese a certain measurement.. for now I'm just googling everything before I eat it!
  21. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    No not yet.. Only made up my mind to start SW this morning and the next meeting in my area is on Thursday.. So my friend is giving me her books tomoro to work from until I get to a meeting.. So am clueless til then..

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