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30 pounds to go
Im am 23 years old. I have 2 amazing daughter 5 and 7 months old.
I have always been a pretty girl and small. Until I got pregnant with my first daughter.
I was 160 [email protected] 5'6" I looked great. I [email protected] 220 pounds. (60 pound weight gain)
I gained another 20 pounds when me and her father split. I managed in a few short months to loose 50 pounds!
I dropped another 30 pounds down the road and felt amazing and looked great. I was about 175 pounds and loved my body.
Then I started gaining weight again about 15 pounds, found out I was expecting again!!! Was 200 now and [email protected] 240 pounds gained another 5 when I came home. Total weight gain (45 pounds)
I started dieting and exercising daily for 5 months and just lost 50 pounds! I am down to an amazing 190.0 even as of today. I look ok but not satisfied yet.
My goal is to be 160 pounds, I have another 30 to go.
Here is where it gets tricky. I just decided in the last few days to stop dieting and to take a break and if course I gained back 5 pounds but that was expected ... my problem is that I have suffered from eating dis orders in the past. And I am scared I might start up again, cuz its never gone away all the way. Im still struggling with it today. But not near as bad as it has been.
Im getting married in july of 2012 and want an amazing body for my fiance and my self.
My problem is I can't seem to loose this last 30 pounds and I need help and advice to continue and maintain my goal is 30 by may.
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hey, you say you've had eating problems before. i've always been the same- only never been thin/skinny. your prob thinking how can i have an eating disorder if i've never been thin.

I've just been on stupid diets, pills, drugs, starving my self (not for long i alway binge) and always been upset with the way i look. now i look back on pics of what i used to look like and wondered why i ever thought i was fat.

have you heard of body for life? its a 3 month plan. i'm hoping get close yo my targt weigh doing this.
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30 pounds to go
Ill deft look into it. I don't have a computer thow im all mobile.
I no what u mean having an eating dis order an not being skinny. I no exactly what u mean. I've did the same stuff as well.
Ppl think u have to b a twig to have a dis order and clearly not.

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