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My Diary - Boofaloos restarted and going for it!!!

This is it - i'm restarting and am going to get to goal!

I have done loads of diets - tried everything with varying success but always stopped when i've lost a bit. I've then either stayed that weight for a while and then put weight back on or just put it straight back on!!

I'm now 31, nearly 32 and have 4 children. i have done having kids and have got over 5 stone of excess weight to lose.

I weigh 14stone 12lbs today and my goal weight is 9st 12lbs.

I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband who loves me no matter what size i am but my health has started to suffer due to my weight. I have very sore knee joints and my hips are also very sore.

There are lots of other things to motivate me, my list could go on forever and some day i might write some of the reasons down but for now my health is reason enough.

I dont expect any replies - it would be nice of course but i know writing a diary is what helps me sort my head out and keep me sticking to my plan.
I will ramble, moan and probably be a pain so i apologise now!!
All i ask is for no negative comments - i beat myself enough as it is. I really dont need anyones else to help!

So day 1 tomorrow - Monday is always a great day to start. I will be sticking to around 1200 cals a day and 40 minutes exercise a day.

helen xx
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Hi Helen :)

Good luck to you, it sounds like your head is in the right place now which is half the battle. I look forward to reading about your progress :)
hello and welcome :)

Determination is half the battle and you sound like you've got loads!

Good luck, everyone will give you nothing but support, don't worry, we are all here for the same reason :D

Wishing you lots of luck, I look forward to reading your diary. It really helps me to write all my feelings and thoughts down daily.

Look forward to chatting with you :)
HI guys and thank you for the replys!! We have major lap top issues at the moment - my eldest stood on mine and it has well and truly broken. I have my iphone but it takes me forever to log in and write message on it so just tend to use it for browsing.

I've stolen my hubbys work laptop to fill you in on whats happening.

My days so far have gone well. i have stuck to my plan and exercised. I havent done as much exercise as i wanted to, my knees and hips hurt loads and i think i need to be a bit sensible to start with.

I have lost 2lbs so far which i am really pleased with. i probably shouldnt have jumped on the scales but i was dying to know how i'd got on!!!

I am really pleased but feel i need to push myself a little bit more. I would like to give myself a bit of a boost so for the next few days i'm going to be very strict with myself and not let myself go over the calories at all. I also plan to alternate between swimming and power walking.
My friend has decided she's coming with me which is fine when we are swimming but walking will be another matter - i'm 5ft 2in and shes nearlt 5ft 9 - i think one step of hers will be 4 of mine so i'll be practically joggin!!!!!

Had some really exciting news too - i have had horses for a long time but due to afew different reasons my pony went on loan in february. he is really happy and i thought i would enjoy a break for a while but i miss it like crazy.
Anyhow - a friend of mine told me about a pony whos owner was looking for some help. i talked to her this morning and she has agreed to me looking after and riding the pony 4 days per week! I am soo sooo happy.
It has given me a real boost as i NEED to lose weight to ride otherwise i lose my balance more easily and feel like i'm about 80!! Plus this pony isnt that tall and it would obviously be a lot better for him if i lost weight even though he could easily carry me now.

I'm setting myself my own 7 day challenge. I have loads of slimfast that i need to use up so that will be used as part of my calorie allowance and i am going to work really hard and weigh myself then. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!
So so tired!!! Power walked yesterday and have done step today! Sticking to my plan although I've been starving thus evening!!
Feeling a bit fed up about being fat- I know i'm doing something about it now but I'm so cross I've let it get this bad.
I rode the pony today and he's very small. He seemed to carry me fine but I was really self conscious and worried people would think I was too big for him. My friend said I looked fine and just to take it slowly until I've lost weight but I'm angry at myself that I let this become an issue.
Anyway it's given me a real focus. I need to get into the 13s asap so I will crack on and get to where I want to be!!!
You are doing well, keep at it..the scales will reward you :)

My little boy has horse riding lessons, he loves it! Bet the horse is delighted it is my son who is the rider and not me! lol :eek:

Good idea to have mini goals, gives you focus!

Keep posting your progress and thoughts!
So i've had a rough couple of days - i'm starving!!!!! I am still doing ok but am not feeling as positive as i was.
I got on the scales today and havent lost any more weight :( i really wanted it to just ,melt away but it isnt!! I feel like i'm trying really hard but not getting any results. I know i need to be patient and this isnt going to happen over night it's just trying to get through my head!!!
Am going to go read through some diaries and success storied to get me motivated again!!!
Hope you feeling better today :) this dieting malarkey plays havoc on our moods doesn't it?
Make sure you are eating enough to lose weight, mad as it sounds, if you under eat, your body reverts to starve mode and holds on to any fat reserves it has!!!!
True I know, I've been there ;)

Think of why you started on this mission and climb back on the old motivation wagon....and go for it!!!!!!

Lots of luck :D
Thanks hun!!! I do feel better today. I've done an hours exercise today to try and lift my mood- it's certainly made me ache!!
Had a huge tea tonight cos I was starving, it's nice to feel full and I stopped eating before that uncomfortable stuffed feeling so am quite pleased with myself!
Things will be so much better when I've finished work in Saturday. My childcare was costing more than my wage so I decided to leave and be at home with my baby. I can't wait to finish now but have 3 more days! I work over lunchtimes to cover other staff and don't get a lunch as such myself, this means I either starve myself then pig out after work or snack all day!!!
It'll be so good to have regular meal rimes and be able to plan what I eat!!
I'm really shattered from this exercise- chat soon buddies xxx
So at least i'm consistent - lost 2lbs for 2 weeks now!! weigh in again on Sunday and if i've lost another 2 i'll be really really pleased.
Have finished work now so this week has been more relaxed and food wise it's been a lot easier.
I'm still feeling hungry a lot - 1200 calories is hard to stick to!!! I am going to give it until my weigh in and then up it a little to 1500. I have also eased up on the exercise a bit.
Not feeling as positive as i was but still going to carry on. Got the pictures back from my sister in laws wedding and was gutted with the way i looked on them.
I can do this - i Will do this!!!!!

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