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My diary! (hopefully this will keep me motivated)

13Th September 2011- First day.
I'm 16 ,64 inches tall (5 ft 4) and I am exactly 130 lbs (size 10) but I really want to get down to a size 8 so I will roughly have to be 116 lbs. I aim to get this target in about seven weeks. Is that realistic?. I have a few complications though. I don't just want to loose weight. I also want to tone myself so obviously I am going to put on muscle weight. I just really want to be a size 8 to be honest. I hope I make it!
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15TH September 2011

Breakfast= Cereal bar

Lunch= 6 Inch bacon and chicken subway with gerkins, lettuce and onions, two normal sized sausage rolls, a frube and a flapjack

Dinner= Roast dinner

Did good at breakfast and at lunch I did have everything except the subway but my boyfriend was on his break at work and hadn't eaten and wanted to get a subway so yeah... but they arent that unhealthy except from the bacon to be honest.

15 minutes on the stepping machine
2000m on the rowing machine
About a half an hour walk

I am quite pleased with the exercise, maybe I should do two other machines for 15 minutes each as well...

Problem is, with lunch and dinner, my parents ALWAYS cook it so I don't have a choice. I have that or starve so yeah...the only one I can control is breakfast..can anyone give me some advice please? :)
Hey, I was in the same position as you with my parents cooking the dinner situation, they eat such unhealthy things which was so annoying! I decided to take up cookign classes, that way I could cook whatever I wanted for myself. Plus, once you get the hang of it you can cook up loads of tasty things:) Or maybe you could explain to them that you'd like them to buy more healthy food and they could cook it for you? I'm sure they'd understand the situation :) x
Hey thanks :) I've never done any cooking before because my mum just doesn't let me :/ I'm in charge of my lunches now though ..so its a start I suppose..and congrats on loosing a pound this week :) xx
15th September

Breakfast= Cereal bar and orange juice

Lunch= Pot Noodle and chocolate

Dinner= Few pieces of southern fried chicken and chips ( Didn't eat it all in the end though)

My body is trying to trick its self ..its weird. After a few bites, my body doesn't want the food anymore and acts like its full when really, I've hardly had anything...then when I do eat after that, I feel guilty. Is anyone else like this?

15 minutes dancing to micheal jackson on the WII :p
100 sit ups

NOT pleased with my exercise today at all..I really need to push myself to do more ..
16th September 2011 (forgot to do it yesterday)

Breakfast= Cereal bar and orange juice

Lunch= Ham rolls and a mini chocolate roll

Dinner= Thin crusted pizza

Yeah..my parents cooked me a pizza for dinner so I had to have that.

18 minutes on the treadmill
2000m on the rowing machine
60 sit ups
2 hours of practical sport (mostly football..got a good work out from that :p)

VERY pleased with my exercise..probably a bit too much but that must of burned off the pizza for me :p