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My diary of token fat bridesmaid to shocker slimmer! Lol

Well I thought a diary might help me focus some more, although I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place (it's all new too me!)

I am a classic yoyo dieter. I've battled with my weight and body issues since forever. In January I weighed In at 15st. I decided I needed to do something given my sisters wedding was just 6 months away and my fertility appointment was 5 months away and I'm fed up of being told its because I'm fat that I can't conceive! Grrr

I chose to try the Cambridge diet. The first week I sailed through and lost 6lb, I did a further week on CD but then stopped and decided I could continue alone on a high protein low carb diet.

I managed to get myself down to 13st doing this, then got complacent and ate myself up another 10lb in the space of 3-4 weeks. So here I am again back on Cambridge and I'm on day 6. Really struggling this time even though my scales are happily showing an 8lb loss already.

I haven't caved and eaten anything, because I'm not physically hungry. It's the mental barrier I'm trying to pass. I feel better today than I did yesterday which is helping!

I can honestly say Cambridge really works for me. I tried slimming world I tried WW and I just didn't have the willpower to stop eating and cheating myself.

I'm currently a size 16, and I'd like to be a size 12 for the summer. I have pcos and type 2 diabetes brought on by my bad diet. And I know if I lose just 5kg of body weight my symptoms will ease significantly!

My first goal is by 7th may I weigh around 12st 7lbs.

My second goal is by June 16th I weigh 11st 13lbs.

My eventual goal is to weigh 9st 7lbs.

I am hoping and praying god gives me the strength to finally see this through and show my family I can weigh 9st 7lb and I will be happier healthier and a brand new confident person.

I am constantly being told "your not meant to be skinny, your big boned"

I will update after my weigh in on Monday. I'm hoping for the 8lb loss but will be mega thrilled with anymore than that!

Thanks for taking the time to read my diary :)
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Good luck with your journey! I dont think i could do a meal replacement diet... i like my food far too much! However i suppose if it was the only thing in the house i would ave no choice but to get skinny and after a year of dieting i would weight less than 16 st! haha

I look forward to following your story!

Kate x
Thanks Hun, I think the only thing that keeps me going is knowing its just not forever.

I would kill to eat a proper dinner and some chocolate this evening but it would just mean I'd have wasted all my hard effort this week. Then I'd beat myself up.

Do u mind me asking what diet your doing and how your doing? X
Not such a good day today. I had some chicken and veg to eat. It's helped mentally as I haven't thought about eating since but I do feel disappointed. In a round about way it's actually helped me to be more focused this week and knuckle down and set out my goals.

Here's hoping for a good WI tomorrow evening and a better stronger week!

Thanks for reading :)
Feeling positive today. Hoping for a 6lb loss at WI tonight :-D anything over that will be awesome!

Iv worked out if I can do 3lb a week I can reach my target weight by 27th August.

I am going to do it this time! I CAN DO IT.
I got weighed yesterday and lost 7 an a half pounds which I'm over the moon about.

I'm now the lightest I have been for around 5 years! However I still see myself as huge (even though I have lost 2 stone since January with my on off dieting) is that quite normal? You know to feel the same despite knowing you look different. Abit. See I can't accept I have lost weight.

I still have around 3-4 stone to go till I'm at target but I know I can do it I just hope at target I don't feel fat still. Perhaps I need some image therapy lol! :-D
Bad weekend, came off diet for 3 days. Still lost 2lb but really wanted to be in the 12stones this week! Hoping for next week now, going to try harder! Only 2lb more and I will be in the 12stones! X
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Hi there, I have just started CD on day 2, feel a bit weird not eating but relieved that I don't have to get 'in the ring' with food at the moment. Here's wishing you well on your journey and I will be checking in to see how you're doing.

It's all going pete tong. I'm not trying as hard as I know I can and I keep eating. Don't get me wrong in having my 2 cambridge products plus something to eat at dinner time (chicken and veg/fish and veg) etc. So I'm not snacking at all but really struggling with the financial side of the Cambridge diet and trying to justify £45 a week is really hard.

Feeling like I need to keep going because I'm so desperate to fit into my bridesmaid dress comfortably and feel gorgeous. Need to discuss with my CDC what I'm actually doing! I think it's definitely the affordability of the CD that is deterring me from wanting to make my next appointment.

Grrr why can't life be easier!


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Hi, can't you turn that thought around and say to yourself "if I cheat this week, then I'm wasting the £45"? If you can convince yourself to stick to it rigidly, the weight will come off much quicker and you'll be able to eat food again sooner. Just a thought :)
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Well Done on the loss so far :D
Your goal weight is the same as my own!
I know exactly how you feel about the still feeling huge even with knowing you lost weight. I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking my god if I look like this now what the hell did I look like before. Just remember when you're feeling down and feeling huge that you are now changing and doing something about it and you're not going to stay that way. Just keep your goal in your mind and think how good you're going to feel when you've achieved it.
If you slip up and have a little cheat it's not the end of the world, just stay positive and know that you can do this x
S: 12st7lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 0st7lb(4%)
I was the token fat bridesmaid for my sisters wedding... I so wish I had managed to stick to the diet for it, as I cant avoid the pictures even 4 years on lol, I lost 4 stone on TRF and Part food replacement, went from 16 stone to 12 stone in 5 months so know how hard it is but you can do it, its just a case of mind over matter and drink lots of water! It really does help.

Came off the diet for xmas 2010 and never went back to it... well managed a week or two before falling off the wagon again, back up to 12 stone 7lbs now but back on the diet to get rid of this last 3 stone!

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