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My diary to graduation!

Hi guys,

Only joined this site so still very new to this!

Have been on slimming world twice before and always caved in to temptation although November 2010 decided to join weight watchers with a friend, took me a while to get to grips them as soon as I had it changed to the pro points and I completely lost interest.

So here I am now, ive decided not to give up completely but to go back to what I know and worked for me, slimming world! I've only joined online and not in class as wasn't keen on the local group so I'm very pleased to have found this extra support! I signed up on Friday so am only on day 3 but it's going well feeling really positive and ready for the week! Am determined to keep this up this time!

I am currently in my last 5 months of uni, I still live at home so mum helps with food some days which is good. My first goal is 11 June! Graduation!!! I don't really have a specific weight or dress size I'd like to be by then, I'm not sure what's achievable by then. Would just like to wear something pretty and comfortable and shock everyone as I will hopefully be wearing a dress!

Anyway my starting weight is 17st 4.

Dress size 18/20

Lizzie xx
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:D Good luck Lizzie!
Great that you have a target/goal ive got 38 somthing pounds to lose - i also want to lose by the time the sun shines! (heres hopeing british weather and all that..) im on EE , mess me anytime if you need support its a great site.
Laura xx
Thank you Laura! Doing my first home weigh in in the morning was doing really well this week and scales were saying -4 but I've had a big meal tonight without remembering so we will see how it goes xx
Hi there!!

Just wanted to say Good Luck for ur first weigh in tomorrow!!! Sounds like it will be a good one.

I only joined last night but this is my 5th week!

Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow
Good luck Lizzie, I'm losing weight for my graduation too :D I managed to lose 4 stone before my first gradation and would dearly love to be at target for the second one in October. It is hard when the studying munchies get in the way tho :sigh: I find that having fruit close by helps, and this semester I am going to take proper breaks by going for a walk as I got rather burnt out last semester which didnt help with the weight loss one iota :(

ps We have the same starting weight :)
Lost 4 pounds! Prob would have been more but had a big dinner last night. But am veryyy happy with that!

Thanks for your comments. This is a quick visit tonight will reply properly tomorrow xx
Wow!!! Excellent loss Lizzie, I am so pleased for you!

You must feel absolutely brilliant.

Weigh in for me tomorrow morning. Hope I'll lose the pound I put on last week and maybe one for luck? Not sure the night out and Indian last night will have helped tho.

Speak soon x
Hello girls, how's things going? How did the weigh in go rach?

I'm having a really shoddy week, havnt been very well organised and not eaten too well anyway 2 days to weigh in so fingers crossed I at least lose 1 pound xx
I joined on the 20th April 2010, and I have 6 pounds to get to the 5 stone mark. The weight seems to be dropping again, but I was in a massive plateau Nov/Dec time where I lost and regained the same pound for weeks on end. But my moto is to keep battling on and never give up :D

Blue Smartie - that is sooooooo amazing!!!! You must be so chuffed....fingers crossed you get there! I'm sure you will.

I lost 2.5lbs last Saturday - apologies for not posting sooner but had a mad weekend and work is just terrible at the moment - not a minute to myself and working stupid hours! Hence the not having a good week I'm afraid!

Onll 1.5 til my first stone - but not too hopeful....too many sins have passed my lips this week......will wait and see tho i guess.

Need to exercise - but its just finsing the time.....and enthusiasm!!!

happy slimming all and have a good day
Thanks Rach :D I have got some before and during pics in my album - but I think u need 50 posts to see them? And to be honest - I dont even recognise myself in them :confused: its like a totally different person staring back at me.

Good luck for getting the stone mark, if not this week then definately the week after :D
Thanks hun. Will let u know how I get on.

Would love to see your photos if u don't mind? I need to get posting I guess lol. Would be great to see the difference. I can't imagine what I'd look like slim lol.

Off to cook tea, steak and sw chips and veggie.

Morning, just to let u know that have weighed in and lost 2.5lbs!!! Am so blinking happy!!!! That's 1stone 1lb off.

Not sure how as not all my days have been 100%, so I must have Bern eating a load of junk previously. It's working, so am just carrying on as I have been and will see what happens.

Have a good day xx

Hope your all having a good weekend.

Stayed the same on Friday which I'm ok with had such a rubbish week! Now just has two banish days and gonna start a fresh tomorrow with a trip to tescos!

Hope you all have a good week! Happy slimming xx
Thanks Blue Smartie :D

Am still chuffed and a bit flummoxed!!! But its coming off......in theory it should be a bigger loss this week if all goes to plan. Had an excellent weekend and stuck to plan 100% - not treats or wine on Sat or Sun (which is the norm). So we'll see!!

We can do this for sure *lizzie*!!!!! 5 weeks until my hols.......and 7lbs to go until I get into the 14s which was my mini goal!!! that will happen!!! All too often I get to this point and then give up......but not going to now!


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