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My Diet

Hi im 16 and big :/ ive tried for about two years on and off and really struggled but in ive started again recently and for once its actually working. Ive bought the wii fit and that has really helped, it was day 51 today and ive lost a stone and 1lb since starting on the wii. Hopefully i will loose this weight for good this time :) :girlpower:

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One day at a time
Alice you are doing brilliantly, well done you! :clap:

You're losing at a healthy pace and you've incorporated exercise into your routine. (I'm a tad jealous that a 'young-un's more sorted than me. :eek:)

I'm intrigued by the Wii fit. Is it very strenuous or could a rather unfit person cope with the workouts?
I must be the only person that doesn't really know what you can do on it. :rolleyes:

My son is the same age as you and wants to drop some weight and get healthier and I was wondering if this Wii fit thing might help him, too.

x Nee x

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Hey Alice,

Good luck on your weight loss and well done for losing 1 st 1lb :)



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Well done Alice on your weight loss Alice, you must be over the moon, having achieved that by yourself, no group or anything :)

The Wii Fit's great isn't it? My son bought me Greatest Loser yesterday, as an early birthday pressie. You can use the Wii Fit balance board with it. It's not so much fun as the Wii Fit but you really do feel the burn after a workout on it!

Good luck with the rest of the weight loss :)
Hi :) thanks for the replys i was ill last week and lost 4lbs as all i ate was toast lol, im back at college now so hopefully being more active will help me loose more


One day at a time
Sorry to hear you've been under the weather but glad to see you're still around and I guess the 4lbs loss is a bonus, even if you had to put up with being poorly to get it. :)
yep it was kinda nice nt to feel hungery all the time lol

i had a bad day today i gave into cravings and put on 3lbs :O :O so shocked it was that much, i was really upset earlier but i know whats gotta change so its ok


One day at a time
Alice its possible that the 3lb gain was just you replacing water that you'd lost when you were poorly.

Whatever it was, it's just a blip and don't let it get you down, pet.
ahh what a crappy week :( had a bad blip on monday then been ill againso been snacking lol fresh start monday i think x


One day at a time
That's the spirit, Alice. No good panicking and undoing all that good work you've done so far. ;)

Are you able to menu plan? That might keep your interest if you have some lovely things to look forward to each day.

Now you're older I bet your mum would jump at the chance if you decided to make a few meals yourself.... and maybe for the rest of them, too. :D
I find it real fun picking recipes off the net that are healthy and sensible choices for losing weight.
thats a good idea :) i might try some recipe ideas mum would love me cooking for a change plus its only us too so it will be easy :)

Tommorow is a neeew week and a new start nearly all better although i was ill earlier :S back on track now tho as i have the summer ball in 2 weeks :D


One day at a time
The summer ball is definitely a landmark to aim for.. a little challenge to yourself maybe to eat as well as you can each day till then. I always like to break things up into little stages. :)

I like bbcgoodfood website as there's masses of easy recipes on their for all tastes. You and your mum could have right fun ploughing through there.
I cooked loads when I was 17 as I had 5 years eating vegetarian foods at a time when there was no real pre-packed stuff really. Mum was flumoxed so she told me to get on with it and cook my own. :( Was fun in the end, though.
Hey Alice,

Hows it all going?


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