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My eating....

heyah :) Im new on this site and from what ive read it great plenty of ideas and syns to help me understand more, only been on this diet for 2 weeks, doesnt really feel like a diet, jus needs alot of thinking. :confused:
I thought I could write what I eat every so often so ppl can get ideas or give me some!

Special K bar (6 syns only found out today so they r going!!!)
toffee mullerlight n banana (free)
Brown roll (HE) with ham n extra light triangle
fresh cod, mushy peas n half pack of parsly sauce (3 syns)
2 litre of water
30 min run, 2 miles

special K bar (6 syns again!!!<< thought i was doin good)
rasberries n mullerlight vanilla
fresh prawns n 1 tbspn extra light mayo with 1/2 teaspoon tom sauce, 2 peice brown bread (HE b)
1 pack of rivita minis (HE b) 1 extra light cheese tri (HE a)
Chicken fillets, wrpped in bacon n topped with mozzarela cheese and stir fry veg

Tomor (hopefully)
1 weetabix (HE b) ssmilk (HE A)
mullerlight yogurt and apple n rasberries(free)
Brown pasta with chopped toms, onion garlic and peppers
Rivita minis n Ex light che tri
quorn spag bol with wholemeal spag
marshmallow flump (not sure how many syns)

Does that seem ok? I havent had time to cook anything amazing this week bein its lst wk of school, but for a rushed week??
would love any advice, :)
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Sounds good to me! The more you attend class the more suggestions and help you'll get - it's another incentive to stay to image therapy. Don't forget that you can use any dry pasta on a green day not just brown and same applies to rice.


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Hi welcome to the forum and to SW. The Special K bars, swap them for Alpen lights. You can have 2 Alpen lights as a healthy extra or 3 Syns each x
hey everyone thanks for ur support!! The alpen lights sound good can u get them from tesco? I was fooled by the special k!!! haha. This week not too bad but had a terrible weekend, I blame pizza hut!!
Ive bought tescos shop to slim and am looking for it for low syn things!!

weetabix semi skimmed milk (HE a and B)
fresh turkey on brown bread and cranberry mayo (made with light mayo n cranberries) I tblpsn
homemade lasange with turkey mince ( I wasnt supposed to be cooking this but i got talked into it by my fella) Not sure how much the dolmio sauces are!!

Tesco light choices strawberry yog (any ideas if these are free?)
Turkey on brown bread (HEb) n cranberry mayo (I was running late so work made me this)
grilled salmon with garlic n herbs n stir fry veg

I was wondering how many syns are in white sugar in brown sugar??

Jus found out.... tesco reduced cal mayo... 2.5 syns per tbsp ahh nt too bad....

this week I hope to cook,

quorn bolognase
pasta with my homemade tomato n herb sauce
stir fry veg and noodles with chinese sauce
chicken and pepper kebabs

any other ideas for tasty dinner or tea ideas? i seem to be stickn to the same foods. Thanks everyone!!


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Looks gd hun and a warm welcome! x


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Yes you certainly can.. I'd be lost without them.. chocolate orange are a particular favourite x


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They were my favourites until they brought out the chocolate and fudge ones!


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Choc and Fudge ones - noooooooooooooooooo, where can you get them from?! Ive never seen them, they sound like they could easily become my new favorite over choc and orange! x


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
So far I have only seen them in one Tesco store! My cupboard looks like an explosion in the Alpen factory atm cus when I was in Tesco the other day they only had 3 boxes left so I snapped them all up! I love them

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