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My Engagement Ring


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An incentive to get to goal? You can look forward to getting the ring resized and then wear it with pride again! xx


Is so very nearly there!
Do what I have done, mines been resized once and needs to be done again but atm I have summat on (tubing stuff) which means I can still wear on my finger :)


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i've not wore my engagement ring or my eternity ring for absolutely ages and inow even my wedding ring is getting loose and so are the other two rings i wear and i would love to get them done smaller but really can't see the point when i only gonna have to get them done again later.

i may (if i remember) get some of them things you got Claire at least i won't feel lost then without them,
I'm looking forward to my wedding ring getting smaller as I can't take it off at the moment. It's been years since I could. It was a tad tight when I got married though.
I have to wear my engagement ring below my wedding ring, as it keeps sliding off my finger. It also turns around a lot when Im dancing or typing! Grrr!


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Is too big for my finger :( have to wear it on my middle finger and it feels weird. Fiance doesn't want to get it resized just yet as i'm doing well on my diet and it would need to be resized a few times before i reach target. A good thing i'm getting smaller fingers but i'm still a little sad.
Years ago when that happened to me I remember going to the Jewellers and there was some sort of clip that they put on the inside of the ring and then I had resized later when I was happy that I had stopped losing weight.
is there any way of wearing a ring that fits that finger for the time being? it might make you feel a bit more 'engaged' lol

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