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My Ex Made Me Too Angry To Eat!

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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Today my Ex collected my 14 year old son, to take him away for a couple of weeks. I get on OK with my Ex (I left him) and we are both happily involved with new partners (although he doesn't live with his)... So all is Hunky Dory.

EXCEPT, he asked me if I had packed a towel for my son, because they are spending a few days in Cornwall, surfing (between the time they spend at my old house).

Me: If he is coming back to Manchester by train, he will have loads to carry. Can you lend him a towel? That way he can leave it behind with you and not have to carry it.

The Ex: Oh, um, can you put one in for him anyway?

Me: Why? You have towels, it's only to borrow.

The Ex: Yeah but, you know, it's easier if he has his own. I mean I suppose I could lend him one but...

Me: Don't worry, here's a towel. No problem.

WHAT THE ****? He can't lend his only son a towel for a few days?!?!? Part of the reason I left him was because he is so TIGHT but that takes the cake. He has clean towels, I KNOW he does...He is just selfish and a pathetic, petty little man.

Sometimes I hit the fridge after things like this but today I can't face eating. Ugh. I'll miss my son too, I hate him going away. Still, it's all good for the diet. ;)
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I will succeed!!!
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It's amazing what some people don't like to share - and I agree it's pathetic. His SON! A TOWEL! Tsk.

Glad you weren't hitting the fridge after it - well done you.

Hugs xxx


Lover of Extra Easy
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That is so mean! A towel.. good grief.
You'd this he wanted to borrow his car!

I am glad you didntt hit the fridge.
I can't eat when I am angry, sad or nervous.
My stomach turns to a giant knot.
That's ok but not so ok on SW..
so, do eat something and don't worry about the ex!
Your son will be back soon. Just enjoy having some childless time!
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Well done you for not going on a munch mission, you deserve a gold star. Sometimes there is just no logic to men, in fact most of the time there is no logic to men lol.
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OMG! I can totally hear that conversation...! What a stupid man...

Well done you for not anger-eating. That's so much better. :)

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
S: 15st0lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 4st6lb(29.52%)
Thanks folks. He actually put up more of an argument than I posted here, as my b/f pointed out when he read my post...I think I'd blocked it out by then. My b/f said that he remained silent and stared at the floor throughout, because he didn't dare start to say what he thought for fear he'd never stop. LOL

Many times during my marriage I bit my lip for the sake of peace...

Once I suggested buying ice-creams, at Alton Towers, and my husband replied "Not now, you may have one in an hour" as if I was 5 years old! :mad:

Another time (my 48th birthday) we went to a local pub for lunch and I laughed when my glass of wine arrived, because it was huge. My husband replied "Then sip it slowly and it will last you through your meal". :mad:

What a jerk. Why did I marry him? He was 2 years younger than me but in his head he was an 80 year old miser.

My current b/f is 22 years my junior, tall, cute and funny. We have our bad moments but at least he isn't a kn**-head. Plus I don't take any rubbish from anyone now and I'm not afraid to be alone...Which automatically improves how I'm treated.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
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22 years younger, you lucky thing,. Sure will keep you young keeping up with him, hope you both are happy for many years to come.22 years younger ! wow

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
S: 15st0lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 4st6lb(29.52%)
22 years younger, you lucky thing,. Sure will keep you young keeping up with him, hope you both are happy for many years to come.22 years younger ! wow
To be honest I'm 51, so getting naked next to a 29 year old doesn't exactly make me feel younger ;). We are very loved up though and it's lasted 2 and a half years so far...Through some quite difficult life events. His friends told him that they're worried, because I'm a bit immature for him. Heh.


Gold Member
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LOL....that made me laugh!!! His friends saying that you are too immature for him!!

My partner is 11 years younger than me and hes the mature, sensible one and I'm the cranky (or senile, I'm not sure!!?), immature one. We get on like a house on fire...into our 4th year now, have a house together, 1 dog and a 1 cat!! lol
Age (difference) is definitely not an issue...as prooved by you ar$ehole of an EX!!

Hope your son enjoys himself.....


Gold Member
I can so see where you are coming from - I hate it when my daughter goes to her dad's house! Although the child free time is lovely, I'd much rather she was with me all the time.

Well done on sticking up to him and even more well done for not giving in to the fridge. You are a star!


Silver Member
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Well done hun on not heading for the fridge. Christ, he is lucky he didn't marry me as I would have ended up lamping him, I hate tight fisted men!

It sounds hun that you made the right choice is leaving him and getting a younger man you lucky lucky woman! xx


Bring it on!
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My ex is the same. we get on but sometimes he just winds me up. This weekend they were camping and he didin't take enough money for showers so she had to have one when she came home. Also when we go on holiday soon he got her a Vodaphone sim card as it's free roaming and then said i needed to give him a fiver towards the top up (£10 in total so not masses) sometimes just gets on my wick ! :)

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