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My exante journey


want to mini
Hi all,
Have decided to go down the exante route. Have done lipotrim and happily lost 4 stone although put on a stone when finished so went onto do cambridge and lost the stone again. However I have been mucking about and have gone up again so this is it back to shakes again.

I am worried that I dont succeed but I will give it my best shot.
Should have lost all this weight by now as I am supposed to be getting an op on my hip but because I havent shifted any of the pounds I need to get a shift on.

Will introduce myself better tonight but need to dash off now.
write ya later.
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Well done on your loss....


want to mini
Thx Diva,
Check out your loses, fantastic.
How are finding exante? Im just waiting for my order to arrive then its all systems go! Have you been SS the whole way through your journey or do you eat?
What are the flavours like compared to lipotrim? Lipotrim was fine to start with but they really are pretty foul.

Anyway keep it up and I will keep things updated about how im doing.
I love Exante flavours compared to the vile LT. It's also the convenience of getting it and no embarrassing WI's at a pharmacy. I love the fact that I can do different solutions depending on how I feel on certain days. Like today I AAM coz am feeling like crap coz of a cold. I just had fish n veg.


want to mini
Good afternoon all,
Well my exante has arrived and i am kinda excited about getting started.Have been having leftover shakes from other plans to just get me eased into it and by god is my tum making protesting sounds.

Had a soup for breaky lord know why and a shake for lunch. Probably will be soup for dinner.
What is the best flavours?
Well better go and drink more and ignore my tum gurgling.One week today I will hopefully have a loss worth shouting about.
Hi, I personally loved the bars & miss them on shakes only this month. No matter what I do to choc shake I don't like it but everything else was ok. That's just me though. Good luck xo

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want to mini
Hi Hadl86,
Just been reading some of your diary thread.Your lifestyleat the start sounds like what mine is just now with my hubby. We sit every night in front of the box with the laptops on. I feel really guilty but to be honest just dont want to do anything at night. We even bought a kinect and it has hardly been used.
Is your partner supporting you? Mine is not bad, although finds it hard eating a full meal if im not.I think he is fed up with all these diets that ive been on over the last few years and I cant blame him really.

Really hungry just now and trying to decide whether to have chicken and veg for dinner or just a soup, decisions decisions. lol
I think the chicken will win hands down.


want to mini
Thx JB.
There is no reason why I shouldnt do well, its not as if I havent done it before, just need to keep my mouth shut when there is extras around.lol
Hi Jo.
My supply arrived today, havent had any yet, just using up old stuff first.
Well we will be starting together then. Good luck!
Wow just reading back and thats 3 of us of similar weight and all scottish lassies.
Just had a wee peek at your pics and omg you have done fantastically. You must be so proud of yourself. Did you find people who hadnt seen you for a while went wow then asked in the same breath"are you ok" I got that loads.
I cant imagine being much thinner, I did get to 11.6 and was really thin looking but just didnt have the energy to keep drinking anymore shakes and that was 2 years ago now, if only I had stuck it out for another 4 weeks or so. Hay Ho. on we go.
Thanks Julz. Noones ever asked if Im ok, lol. I think I have too much to lose still to look ill. But my aunt walked past me in a shop last week and didnt even recognise me at all, lol.

I know what you mean about wishing you had stuck to it before but whats done is done and this time you will definitely hang in there until you get to goal. Ill make sure of it. ;)
Aw thx Jo. Just found the pic of me at my lightest.Have posted it up.My hubby says it doesnt even look like me. I suppose I do have kinda blonde hair and now its really dark and i think a stone and a half does make such a differance.
Think I will have to make little targets for myself. My doctor wants me to loose 2 stone before i get my surgery so that could be my first goal. I`ll have a think about my next one.


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Good luck for tomorrow
thx toots.

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