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My experience :)


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Hey everyone :):)
I think it's good to have all comments on here whether good all bad so i am going to throw my experience into the mix!
I finished TFR 4 weeks ago now. There have been a few occasions now (last time was early hours of this morning) when i have had really bad stomach cramps. While on holiday last week i had a horrendous night where i was doubled up in what i can only describe as the most horrendous cramping pain i have ever experienced in my life. It was that severe that i couldn't breathe properly as i couldn't inflate my diaphragm properly so i couldn't talk well either. After nearly an hour of that i fell asleep when it knocked off only for the cramp to return 30 mins later, although i could breathe then. Then 30 mins later it completely went like it was never there in the first place!
Convinced that i have a gall stone, i watched what i ate fat wise for the remainder of the holiday and actually lost 3 pounds while there.
Doc says its my bowel adjusting and gave me some pills which did sod all last night! Touch wood the cramps have not been so severe as that night but they are still extremelly uncomfortable and i don't seem to be able to narrow down what is causing them. I had a handful and i do mean a small handful of my other halfs chips, maybe it was that.
Anyway to get :)D) to the point, i am pretty sure it is my gall bladder and just wanted to say to all of you, just be very careful when you start eating again. We don't need fat and TFR has shown us that so stick to the healthy eating.
I'm scared to eat a lot of things at the moment and after shifting some of my food demons, it really is not helping. I have resigned myself to the fact that if it does happen again to the extent where i cannot breathe properly then i will call an ambulance and then maybe they can find out what is really wrong.
Anyone else had gallbladder issues after TFR? I know it can happen :sigh:
Thanks for listening :wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:
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OMG i sympathise with your agony!! I had gallstones and had to have my gall bladder removed!! Its was the most horrific pain ever!!! An i've done some really painfull and silly things to myself!!!! Lol....

Hope your feeling better soon... get to your GP as soon as and they'll send you for an ultrasound!!! x
Hi Lesley, just read your post, and OMG I have had some horrendous pains over the last few weeks - I finished TFR nearly 5 weeks ago. I am going to makea note of what I eat and see if there is a connection! Hope your pains have settled or been sorted! xx


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S: 17st8lb C: 16st11.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.27%)
Bless you! sounds just like me :(
Abdominal colic it turns out mine is and got some tablets from the doc.
Go and see them if it continues hun x
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Hey a good few weeks ago, maybe upto a couple of months ago another lipotrimmer experienced the same and was on the verge of calling for an ambulance her pain was so severe. Hope you feel well soon.

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