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My Eye is so sore.......


Slow but sure....
I was bitten yesterday by one those 'kamikaki' dive bombing buzzing insects, it got me 3 times up my arm before I got rid of the little blighter, and now I have 3 red 'angry' itchy bites on my arm to irritate me all day, but, it must have bitten me on my eye lid too (well something has) and my eye is closing up.....I look as if I have been in the ring with Mike Tyson and lost!!!

Any ideas what I can use on my eye? It's itching like mad too......

Thank you. :wave_cry:
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Try some piriton, or allergy relief tablets - i had exactly the same thing two weeks ago!!! If it doesn't improve within a day get yourself to the doctor - i had to have antibiotics in the end - the nasty little things!!!

k xx


Slow but sure....
Thank you K, I think we have some piriton I'll have a look....my eye lid is swelling bigger by the minute.....horrible little buzzing things.
Yep try Piriton and put an ice pack on your eye, it will help with any itching/stinging and swelling, take care x


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oh dear!!! i hope it feels better soon! xxxx
If you have the time pop into an opticians and get them to have a look at it just to make sure its not conjuctavitus or something nasty. They can give you a prescription to clear it up. Hope it gets better soon xx

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