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My family aren't happy with my weight loss


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I reached my goal of 9st recently and have considered losing a little more. At the moment I am maintaining around 8.13. But my family are giving me a really hard time about it. They keep saying I am anorexic and starving myself to death. Even my size 10 sister got in on the act yesterday. It's making me really upset. Has anyone else had to deal with anything like this?
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Not from your angle, but a friend rrecently lost loads of weight and was determined to loose more. We all thought she was fine and shouldnt loose more, but it was about how she felt. Her husband-who had lost weight with her,got really concerned. Anyway in tghe end she did decide to stick where she was.

Now I'm not saying that you should, but please think about it. according to the book i'm using you are at the bottom end of your ideal weight range.

Also the lower you go, the harder you'll have to work to keep it off-how will that suit your lifestyle?

I'm not trying to be a damp squib or tell you what to do but just suggest you look at the big picture-you have done Fantastically so far!!


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as long as your BMI remains in the 'healthy' range then I think you'll be fine, please ensure you stay healthy, it's the most important thing



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So long as your BMI stays healthy you should be OK!

I find that when talking about losing weight, people get jealous. They also scoff and are like "yeah right, good luck(!)"

My sis lost loads of weight last year and got down to a healthy size 12 then promptly fell PG after trying for ages! I was so happy for her but wasn't jealous because I know what a struggle it is to lose the weight!

Your sister could be a tad jealous... but then again maybe not! Either way sometimes it's best not to talk about it and let the results speak for themselves.
I really understand what you're going through. I told my parents I was loosing weight and they were supportive my mum said to me 'oh you probably only need to loose a stone and you can stop' When I told her that to get to a healthy BMI I actually needed to loose closer to 4st she freaked out and told me I wouldn't like the way I look if I lost that much weight. She now keeps telling me how I should only be using slimfast short term and I should stop dieting. Its annoying as I know I'm not even close to a healthy weight and for the first time in my life I feel like I might actually be able to get to the size I want to be instead of feeling like the fat girl.

Whilst I would never advise loosing more weight if its going to make you unhealthy I can understand how hard it is when the ones you care about have a negative reaction to your weight loss. On the otherhand weight loss can become addictive and I think perhaps you ought to spend some more time maintaining and see how you do before you loose more weight.


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also, people don't see you at the size you are now. remember they are making a comparison to what they saw before. if they saw someone else at your weight then they would just accept it, but the difference in your size now from what it was before might be strange to them. once they get used to your size and you can honestly tell them that your bmi is healthy then i'm sure they will come around.
As long as your doctor says your at a healthy weight then you need to have a set down with everyone and tell them how this makes you feel and that it needs to stop...and show them a paper where the doctor says your at a healthy weight or that you could lose so much more. Hope it helps. Goodluck and congrats on your weight loss! Im happy for you! You will always have support here.


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My Mother-in-law is having the same issue. She lost loads of weight went from a size 16 to a size 10 and she looks great. She must've lost about three/four stone. Her husband, daughter and son were all telling her that she was losing too much weight. But it's sort of given her a new lease of life and she's been going out and enjoying herself.

She then got accused of having an affair and things have just gone crazy from there. Obviously it's not all down to losing weight but she's healthy now and she feels good so why do people feel the need to stamp on that.

I think you are fine where you are. You could get away with losing a few more pounds but you'd probably look better if you stayed at 9st. Tell your family that you feel healthier, look better and it'll just take some getting used to to see you thinner. They should be happy for you!
Interesting thread - having been fat and having been slim, when I am slim I am more assertive and will say no to things I don't want to do, whereas when I am overweight I often find myself doing all sorts of boring things for other people that I don't want to do!

Maybe this is part of it. When a person feels great and confident, they are less of a doormat!! Other people don't like this, I have found. Last time I was slim, I went on to lose loads of extra useless weight that was hanging round my neck by offloading "friends" and family members who took, took, took and never gave. It felt fabulous!

People who really care about someone, would be happy for them reaching their goal weight.

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