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My Feb Diary


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I keep wanting to write a diary, just for myself really, and as I am doing both Feb challenges this month seems a good one to keep myself in check. Having some trouble getting all 3 shakes down so its also a way for me to document i have had them and for you all to tell me off if I don't!

Feb 1st day 25
Busy busy day at work - tried having a shake just before I left home (8am) and holding out for the second until I got home from work (6pm). I really hate making them up in front of people and couldn't find the middle bit of my shaker. Wasn't at all hungry at work and it helped with my water intake. Because I work in a lab I can't sip on water throughout the day - instead I have to have it in my 3 breaks.
Came home to my daughter wanting to open the last of her Birthday pressies (she had 3 sackfuls from her party on Sunday), catch up with her homework and NOT go to bed! Little pickle! So broke my Feb challenge in slowly and didn't do any wii fit - oops not a very good start. Was too worn out to have last shake so went to bed without :(

Feb 2nd day 26
Another work day, another mad rush in the morning getting my girls up and out for 8am. Had my shake just before leaving again and was fine. Not hungry all day again and managed to drink lots of water just fine.
Husband at home so was able to leave him to do baths so I could do my wii fit. Did 45 mins and burnt 210 calories - fab!
Im ashamed to say I couldn't face last shake again - I was just so constipated (little too much info - sorry!) Took 3 senna tablets so crossed my fingers for the morning.

Feb 3rd day 27
Up and out for work again, same routine as yesterday. Had a couple of meetings so was able to drink a little more gradually. So much to do at work I sometimes feel like my brain is going to explode! Anyway, home for 6 and had 2nd shake straight away. As daddy home for the day (he works far away and only home 2 days in the week and not at the weekend) he took the girls to the chip shop and they had sausage and chips after childminders - was greeted with the smell as I came through the door :( At least it was all gone - even the plates were washed up!
Got on the wii as soon as girls in bed and did 54 mins without even realising it! Did a range of exercises so hopefully am working all areas. Finished and had my last shake - yay me! Did everything right first time in 3 days. On a downer I am still bunged up - the senna has just made me feel like im going to go (sorry!) Will take a couple more before bed tonight - don't want it to affect my weigh in tomorrow!!!

Sorry for long post - feel free to ignore future ones! As I say, I just feel I need to keep the diary for my own benefit.

Hope everyone doing as good as I feel! Minus the tummy ache of course!

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5 stone to go!
hey its a great idea keep it up! i find it great to add to mine everyday and you can look back and see how you felt each day!....best of luck for tomorrow! x


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Feb 4th Day 28
Thursday is an 'at home' day so no need to get up quite so early. Husband took big daughter to school so I got an extra half hour in bed....lush!
Went for weigh in mid morning, lost 4lb. I was really hoping for a little more but hey ho - maybe it was the missing shakes that did it. Thursdaus is a day of taking children to dancing - little one at lunch time, home to walk to school and pick up big one, home, change and out for her lesson. Once kids fed, cleaned and put to bed I once again got the wii fit board out. Another 48 mins and I can actually feel the benefit of some of the yoga moves today (prob won't be able to get out of bed 2moz!!)
Going to go have last shake now - Im actually really hungry today, my tummy has been growling like mad.

Hope everyone is well and getting on with their Feb challenges xxx


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Feb 5th Day 29
Had my lowest day yet on LT, not particulary because of lack of food just felt a bit down :(
Up and at 'em - husband back off to work for his 5 day stint (another lonely weekend coming up) and big one went off to school. Me and the little one went into town to a play centre then had a walk around the shops. Came home did a bit of washing and cleaning....nothing much to report really. Walked up to school and collected big one, tea etc and waited for their little boyfriend to come and stay the night (his mum was going out) hmmmm I wonder how much sleep I am going to get tonight! Just running their bath then Im going to put them to bed early! Wish me luck!
May get on the wii, we'll see how many times I have to run up and down the stairs - that could well be my exercise for the evening! xxx
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Glad that the end of the most trying day so far is here. Ended up making my last shake into a 'muffin' as I was so close to going in the kitchen and making a sandwich! It sort of stopped my craving for food, partly because I got to chew and partly because it wasn't that enjoyable and put me off eating!!
Up and down the stairs half a million times but the babies went to sleep soon after 10pm - they will be grumpy tomorrow!
Hoping Belles theory of a good day follows a bad rings true for tomorrow....night night all xxxxx


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Feb 6th Day 30
Well today was no better really, all day I fought with the demons in my head...eat eat eat they were saying. Was kept busy with my babies - dance lessons and them wanting to make candy bracelets (spot on timing girls!) Made my very fave tea, spag bol (with quorn) and garlic bread. Ate one mushroom from the pot, felt bad about it much of the evening...BUT have got thro the day and have just done 40 mins on wii fit (not quite 45 - calculated it slightly off) but Im counting it anyway! Feel much better for doing it. Going to have my coffee and Im off to bed. Another day done - one closer to goal xxxx
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Don't Worry Be Happy
keep going its all worth (honest):)


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Feb 7th Day 31
Today is my one month anniversary! Feeling so much more positive today. Went food shopping with my girls and it didn't even bother me. Then took them to see Princess and the Frog - popcorn and sweets galore but was still ok. The only thing I was temped by was to have a swig of their diet coke (cinema treat!) but I resisted.
Came home and decided to go through some old clothes, have a dress I wore to my cousins wedding a month before I fell pregnant with my second daughter and I knew that I really wanted to get into it, a sort of mini goal. Dug it out and it did up! :) :) :) It was a bit tight on my boobs but as its a spring / summer dress I have bags of time to shrink a little more.
I feel a little shallow that fitting into a dress makes me so very happy but then it passes and I just feel happy again!!!

Was going to wii fit but think as its Sunday I will have a day off, or I might just do a quick 15 mins, maybe exercise is really addictive.

Hope everyone is doing just as well xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Feb 8th Day 32
Weird day today, mad busy at work and couldn't get my first shake until after 2pm. Have had stomach cramps all afternoon - I haven't been able to go to the toilet again (sorry!) so took a dolcolax last night. Didn't help, just made me crampy and bloated. Will take another tonight and keep my fingers crossed!
Home around 6 after picking up girls from childminders and had 2nd shake, made lunched and dinners for them for tomorrow (the sandwiches are torture to make!!) did the usual, washing, tidying girls to bed.
Did some wii fit, Im really proud that I have kept returning to it - even did 20 mins yesterday when I wasn't going to do any!

Hope everyone ok xxx


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Feb 9th Day 33
Ok day today, work as usual on a Tuesday....busy as usual. Home around 6, did all jobs and sorted girls. Got on wii around 9.30 and did 46mins so another part of my feb challenge sorted. Im getting good at this exercise lark - and getting better at it!

One problem today, still have tummy cramps, feel bloated to the extent the wii said I had put on a lb. Just can't shift the awful feeling. Any ideas?



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Didn't post yesterday, freezing cold and absolutely knackered. Busy day at work and with girls plus on call all night :(

So on to today....
Feb 11th Day 35
Wow 35 days without food, its mad it really is! Anyway, feel pretty good today. Got weighed and lost another 4lb which means I am half way through my journey and 2lb off 2 stone. Its fab when people start noticing but then you also have to tell them what you are doing which is either met with horror or admiration.
Getting into my old clothes which is nice but I really can't see the loss myself. My husband has moaned that 1. my boobs are smaller 2. my breath smells and 3. I look like and feel like death - nice! Am trying to ignore the comments tho it just makes me want to eat! Good job he is away 5 days of the week!

Going to go on the wii in a mo - had the night off yesterday as I was so tired so must work hard tonight.

Hope everyone is going well and enjoying their time on lipotrim as much as I am!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx