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My first cheat


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I think you will for now! Try and put it behind you and move on...

Tuna is not on SSing Plus as it is an oily fish.

But if you keep nibbling you will eventually unleash the hunger monster that will send you into uncontrollable eating.

That is why it is important to reintroduce food and carbs in a planned way to prevent this from happening.

You have done so well having a month behind you which is a wonderful achievement.

Try to focus your mind back on what you want to achieve and think of all the positive benefits you will get out of losing weight and getting fit.

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks - I will. I am not a nibbler and I haven't found this month hard - but today I was finishing the task of taking stuff from my fridge/freezer and cupboard over to a friend's house. No point in food sitting round for months and the urge for the tuna ombined with the fact that I thought I deserved a little reward for sticking to it a whole month... well it all got the better of me.
I am back to the straight and narrow for another 4 weeks - maybe I shall allow myself a piece of chicken then!


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OK i shall up the water this week - I am on about 2.5 to 3 litres a day at the moment.
I shall do more on the exercise bike too!


Gone fishing
I thought tinned tuna in spring water was ok?? I been having that from day dot!
Tinned tuna in water is fine for SS+. Just not the fresh stuff, which is allowed on 810.

When tuna gets canned, it becomes a white fish as most of the oils are lost in the process.


Back 2 finish my journey
I would be careful with the salt here too i thought it can be quite dangerous adding salt on cd?


Back 2 finish my journey
I don't know just reading posts here and there and obviously not paying much attention, thanks for clearing it up :)


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Megan - yes yes ONLY cheat is a much better and more optimistic title than First cheat! - grins - I like your thinking!

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